Medicine being replaced by marketing

Corporate medicine in the US was already a long shot. But puppet media and actual pupets loaded courts with cronies and we got indemnified vaccine corporations. With another round of the same we now have to pay these rip off by allowing them to force injection of experimental drugs with questionable efficacy and safety into children. And because puppet media censors the discussion we aren’t allowed to bring up other better national health systems that rejected the tech based on the science and its outcomes saying that it was doing harm after similar experimentation. The indemnification of firms using what may well be at the least an inferior approach that may be damaging public health was already suppressing the funding of possibly very superior approaches like cholostrum and DRACOs, but the making the inferior approach mandatory and the legal prohibitions of the cholostrums (which are also used to treate vaccine damage and are something the human body already produces) are a complete bar and scream total corruption and criminal conspiracy - but hey that’s the point of puppet media.