Media: Crypto coins are the startups of the dot com bubble

Just saw a piece on RT technology covering crypto coins. It’s what I’ve said and thought for a while. Crypto coins are company startups of the dot com years, there will be a period of change and only the good business ideas will survive. A few projects will dominate the landscape in the next few years.

They also covered that crypto is a problem for government - they can keep up with technology developments(read as, can’t stop real freedom).

I believe SAFENet is one of these companies that have a good business idea. Not only that, but good for humanity. For example, Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts of people if the world trying to get messages out are being shutdown under pressure of governments - this is nothing more than thought control.

SAFENet can’t be delivered fast enough, nor can project decorum.

Edit: The message will get out, pick coins that have a good business model - even better if they contribute to society. SAFENet will become a giant.


Crypto coins are more like countries, luckily no companies (Everything you do on the SAFE Network is with the software). Hopefully companies will disappear and you can just collectively pay for features to be added to dapps (trust code).

Now some citizens/countries will use their tokens to improve their software/governance, like Dash.

And some citizens/countries will be clueless what to do, like the DAO and now bitconnect it seem.

Funny enough crypto coins prices can drop, by paying attention to old countries (those with borders and authorities). :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t MaidSAFE a side chain of bitcoin core blockchain?
Is it recognized on forks of bitcoin’s blockchain?
What if Roger Ver’s version of bitcoin achieves adoption at a faster rate and becomes the leading fork to be branded bitcoin, and bitcoin legacy goes down because miners switch to BCH? Wouldn’t this bring down all BTC side chains such as MaidSAFE?
I have already experienced extraordinarily large transactions fees, something like fractional reserve banking, withdrawing MaidSAFE from an Omni Wallet. (Why should I need to spend 65 dollars in BTC to move my maid? Makes no sense to me.) The biggest concern for me is that all side chains and their success are intimately tied to bitcoin’s success. And that increases the ‘Risk’ exponentially. Or am I thinking about this all wrong?

No, it uses Omni protocol, which is data embedded directly into the Bitcoin blockchain.


Is there a video that explains the Omni protocol and how it is different from a sidechain?
And the answer doesn’t explain my other question. If it is embedded into the Bitcoin Blockchain then isn’t it tied to the fate of Bitcoin and if it failed, would MaidSAFE fail as a result or would they create their own blockchain?

@Lee_Travis MAID is just a proxy token that was used to raise funds in the 2014 crowd sale. The SAFE Network doesn’t use blockchain technology and is not a fork of bitcoin or anything similar but instead uses close group consensus for confirmations, this is a oversimplification of how it works so quickly and securely but there is plenty to read here. Once the network launches it will utilize Safecoin which is literally just a special data type that exists on the Network. These MAID that are Omni assets (bitcoin network) they’ll be traded 1:1 for Safecoin by importing your priv key and burning the MAID. Hope this clears things up for you a little.


Actually, that helps a lot. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Correctomundo sir :slight_smile:

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