Meanwhile in the Future

There is a podcast on Gizmodo called: Meanwhile in the Future. It’s mainly about possible future eventscenarios.

Wouldn’t it be fun, if we suggest that they make a Meanwhile in the Future for SAFEcoins? Since SAFEcoins is weaved into the SAFE Network and a resourced based currency, that’s distrubuted worldwide it could get interesting to hear a possible future scenario of it.

Yay or Nay?


Many yay’s!! (:-D) (:-D)

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Safecoins are the minor part of any future success. Having a SAFE environment where the network helps to secure people’s individual privacy and security with the freedom that follows from that, is orders of magnitude more important than any digital currency. So, speculation about the political environment, where individuals have power and distributed and potentially devolved Governments represents real consensus, would be interesting to see. A world in which we share resources, would naturally be more productive; more creative; and more interesting.

I know that the SAFE Network is way more important than a currency. But SAFEcoins is not your ordinary digital currency. Since meanwhile in the future didn’t talk about future money yet, it’s worth trying.

If you want them to paint a future scenario of the SAFE Network, you can email them @

Since I got many yay’s from @whiteoutmashups I’ll mail them to overthink a scenario about money. But the plot thickens because there will also be a limit to the amount of SAFEcoins you can have in your wallet, this is simply to kill greed. And no you can’t just start another wallet, because your wallet is powered by biometrics…

Dear Rose,

I love what you do…
Could you create a Meanwhile in the Future about money?
more specific this money

A resourced based money, created by the people which can be transfered anonymously and instant. To top it off, let’s say that there is a limit to how much a person can own in their lifetime. This is to end greed for good.

Thanks and keep up the good work, Gizmodel


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Little update from Rose:

Hi Eddy!

Thanks for the note! The future of money is definitely something I’m interested in tackling on Meanwhile in the Future. I’ll keep Safecoin in mind when the time comes!

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