Maybe it's worth asking your fav sites to write about Maidsafe

One of the website that I visit a lot in the Netherlands is: I noticed that they don’t even have Maidsafe in their search result. Jippy luckily they have bitcoin! The Ethereum launch is historical, but even that doesn’t show up on :confused:

The strange thing is got like 400K users, so stranger that they don’t know/report about this historical event. They regularly show new downloads for software, like Tor for instance. I just wrote them a email to ask if they can write about Maidsafe. I gave them a link to this forum and 33 FAQ playlist to get familiar.

Notably Techcrunch’s Jon Evans wrote about decentralization mentioning Maidsafe, Ethereum. So I wonder if he will have a follow up after this big launch? Maybe you also have a favorite techwebsite totally clueless to Maidsafe, it can’t hurt to email them about Maidsafe. I mean if they don’t know, they don’t know. Tech news site always talk about the same stuff, but you got to give the heads up to who talked about it first.

I hope that we learn from this and adequately bring the news out when the SAFE Network launch. I know that within the first hours, I’ll be recording stuff and dumping it all on Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Ethereum is out there, but this seems to only be known to a small group of people. :tired_face: Maybe we should start waking up the sites where we read tech stuff. I hope to receive a message back that they’ll write about Maidsafe. If not, their lost. I’ll write them again when somebody else decided to publish an article. :grin:

BTW this is not saying that our articles are not good it’s just that we address a smaller crowd. It a bit strange that the internet, seems to be unaware to Ethereum. Maybe they’re making selfies and planking all over again.


I think we have to be careful how to get the message out. If you push it too soon, people are going to turn up here, think that it doesn’t work, then lose interest as their excitement isn’t met with instant gratification. See the thread just posted this morning for an example.

Sowing the seeds to other developers networks, who can understand the potential, may be a better approach. The likes of the gnome developer from the thread yesterday is a good example.

These devs will grock the goals and the challenges and will start to consider how to build on it. The apps they create will pull in interest, once they are ready to go live.

This isn’t meant as a criticism - we all know how great safe net will be and want to shout it from the roof tops. Sadly, most people don’t have vision and are resistant to change; involving too many of them at this stage will have a negative impact, IMO.


Your right! But I do got to admit that the crowd are not your average folks (these boys&girls are extreme), they even make hardware. But who knows some of them might have never heard about Maidsafe. And not every techy is always interested in bitcoin. So there is where the road to decentralization might end for some. If tweakers does decide to write an article about the new internet, I think the message will get these tweakers into gear. Because what is this talk about a new internet? Techcrunch is a good place to return to, when the SAFE Network is launched.

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I think that once MaidSafe is launched, it will be a magnet for all media. We don’t have to worry about promotion.


I agree, as far as broad adoption goes. In the meantime, reaching out to the fringe that can latch onto the vision, though it’s not manifest yet (like us here on the forum) is where we can focus. As Paige said in our recent interview, we’ve got the Bitcoin community fairly well covered, so reaching to the broader open-source community is the next front for visionaries that can start to make a difference and swell the ranks of early adopters, which will be important.

With the new roll-out approach, though, I think a lot of this will happen pretty organically.


First have a product, then advertise.


Yup Jon Evans has a follow up on Ethereum, this is the guy who will write about Madsafe when it arrives like a blackhole and suck us on the other side of reality.

Thank you Jon Evans 4 keeping it real :stuck_out_tongue: