Max Keiser asks if you've got any questions for Maidsafe



Interesting every one about money so far, we will push what project SAFE is and why as this is significantly more important. safecoin is important but it can mask the whole project sometimes, I will try and not let that happen.


I see, is someone from Maidsafe going to be at the Keiser Report or is there another reason for Max Keiser to ask this?


@nicklambert and I are getting the train down tonight, @dllasoff arranged it. Will help the project but kill me for dev again so double edged sword. At least I hope to get power on the sleeper and keep going that way. Should be interesting, but in 15 mins very condensed.


Wonder if they will subtitle us :smiley:


No, surely Nick is going to translate :wink:

Good luck guys. I expect it will be worth it.


I think it’s a good idea for the community to reply on the tweet and add some good questions for tomorrow, even if you already know the answer.


Absolutely Melvin, good idea. Be good to push this forum and the dev pods and projects if possible. I Will try my best to get some of that across.


Keiser Report should bring a-lot of exposure to maidsafe, good luck.


looking forward to watching it. I understand you’d rather work on the code.
But the way I see it: more exposue -> more developers interested -> more capacity added (long-term)


That’s the part I worry about just now :slight_smile: We have some great applicants that will be amazing, but probably help post launch rather than pre, which is a shame. I agree though exposure is good.


Yeah, Max’s show is definitely focused on money and markets. Maybe it would be easy to shift the discussion a bit by highlighting the two ways people can earn safecoin. That way you can specifically note how there is incentive for open source development which can serve as a way to replace the ad-driven revenue that ruined Google, Facebook, etc.


@dirvine Also use the fact that this is the only crypto backed by something other than its utility. This gets both angles.


Not a RC viewer. Any schedule yet on when this will/did air? When someone has something please post (I’m sure that last sentence wasn’t needed, I’m just excited to watch it.)


when is the show going to be on youtube?


next Tuesday and Thursday