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Hi everyone,

I’d like to take a moment to promote the following chat rooms:

This forum is really great for having in-depth discussions on subjects related to the SAFE Network. But in some cases, maybe you don’t feel like creating a new topic. For example, you might prefer to first ask your question in a chat room and only create a new topic if necessary.

The room can be used for general discussion about the SAFE Network, and it’s a good place to ask for help!

The room can be used for technical discussion about the core libraries and APIs of the SAFE Network, and it’s a good place to talk with other developers!

What is Matrix?

Matrix is a federated protocol for real-time communication. You can run your own homeserver (if you want to control your data). Or you can use any service provider you want (similar to email where you can choose between Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.).

The links I shared above are hosted by Riot, which is a service provider operated by the main developers of Matrix. They have very good open source web, desktop and mobile apps:

What about Slack and IRC?

It’s possible to configure bridges between Matrix and other chat networks!

The room is bridged with the #general channel of the SAFE Network Slack and #safenetwork on freenode.

The room is bridged with the #development channel of the SAFE Network Slack and #safenetwork-dev on freenode.

Any messages you post in the Matrix rooms mentioned above will automatically show up on Slack and IRC (and vice versa: if other users post messages on Slack and IRC, you will receive them via Matrix).

Do I need to create an account?

No, creating an account is optional. One thing that’s really great about Riot is that it makes it super easy for guests to join. Here’s what you see when you open and you’re not logged in:

I really like that you’re able to see the conversation history right away!

If you don’t feel like creating an account, just click on join and choose a display name:

And now you can go ahead and type your message!

I think Riot is going to be very useful as a support channel because of how easy it is for guests to join :smiley:

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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I used Slack for a while, and IRC, and since Francis set this up have been using them all in one place within riot. I thoroughly recommend It feels better, is easy to use, and I can access all my chat rooms in one place, on mobile and desktop.

Join us!


Great! Think I’ll stick around and give it a try.


This topic has now been replaced by a new topic: SAFE Network Chats

Please note that the bridges between Matrix and Slack have been disabled because of spam issues. Same thing for the bridges between Matrix and IRC.

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