Mathias Sundin: The World's First Political Bitcoin Candidate


I know very little about Mathias’ politics, but this is a pretty cool maneuver! And we might find another co-conspirator with him.

  • Resist knee-jerk regulation of Bitcoin, other digital currencies, and disruptive innovation in general.
  • Continue the education reforms in Sweden.
  • Help develop a tax system that promotes fast growing, innovating companies.
  • Defend your right to privacy.

And I really like his haircut!


Admittedly I am still learning about bitcoin/blockchain but the best rhetoric seems to involve disintermediation of speculators, banks (especially the private sort) and states from currency manipulation. In particular that bitcoin wasn’t really meant to be a currency but a replacement made valuable by the limitations on currency it would create. A counter example. That it was meant to be regulation resistant but in particular to resist speculation that regulation is often found enabling. But this sounds like the Wall St. crowd trying to co-opt.

Continue education reforms in Sweden?:

Free choice or free will for who? Sweden’s free market reforms have taken it backwards. It wanted its people’s lives to run on wage slavery. How is that better? Some one comes along and throws some money at a group of people who supposedly need it (in Sweden they didn’t) and then has nothing to do with them but expects them to return 4%-13% per year possibly forever. If anything looks like it could interrupt that extraction the same person will throw money at the group’s political representatives. Those representatives formerly didn’t need the money but under ‘reform’ they become sponsored liars and find they do need that money to say if office. How did profit for nothing and fire sale liquidation ever come to look so attractive?

The key with education is keeping it from becoming a literal introduction to wage slavery i.e., the US’s STEM and at least the Swedish reforms probably moved in that direction.

Notice that he will only accept donations in bitcoins. We need to get rid of any system where donations or political contributions in any form are necessary. Any such system is simply tuned to listen only to the arbitrarily rich.