Matchmaking API

I’m not sure how this would be coded exactly but I just had a thought. Many of the apps (or potential apps) could use or require a match making api. SAFEx, SAFESex/SAFEDate, OpenBazzar, the decenralized MMO, dUber, all of those apps could use an api that searchs for a match that suits specific criteria given by the user. Granted those criteria would change but fundamentally the function is the same. What I’m thinking is why not have a matchmaking feature as efficient as those found in many videogames where you click “Find Match” and it just searches and finds you a match to your criteria in a matter of seconds? Granted if the criteria get too complex it might be like searching for some obscure custom map no one ever plays… but if it’s something common like say “Sell x amount of safecoin for bitcoin at y amount.” “Find x DVD and buy if price y or less.” Or “Tag all girls with x characteristics for later review.” Or “If a whore is charging less than x and has y characteristics prompt for approval then shedule for z time and location.” So on and so on. I mean think about it what do we really do? We go through various files, we check specs, we see if it meets our approval and then hit okay. And most of the time they’re the same specs. So why not get a script or API to do the repetitive work for us? Then take that script or API and stick it in various apps so just like when I’m playing Starcraft 2 and press “find 1v1 match” and just hit play and it finds it I can also log into an app and tell it to “buy 0.5 BTC using safecoin,” and hit buy and it just does it by itself. Then while it’s running set a new task to run “Buy x product at cheapest price, prompt for approval then ship to y address.” If approval is denied prompt to continue searching or cancel program since I could have decided to stop shopping or I could have just not liked the product.

I mean same with the sexual or romantic compatibility search. You just have more data to enter and probably want to enter a margin percentage for error since no one is 100% the same. How much are you willing to pay to go from x to y locations using dUber? Well in a range of a to b amount of money probably, so you enter those variables and find rides accordingly.

But do you see what i’m trying to say by creating a matchmaker API? It doesn’t need to be an app in and of itself but should be something one could easily include in an app.


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I like this idea. I could see it being implemented as a sort of visitor pattern where the api provides the basic functionality of connecting to participating clients and returning results to the requesting client. Ideally the developer of a client application would simply need to define the logic for identifying if a given client is a candidate and perhaps logic for determining if additional clients need to be visited.

Okay this sounds interesting but in all honesty I have no idea what you just said.

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Lol. Just thinking out loud I guess. Maybe it’s not quite the visitor pattern, but it’s close. Let’s be ambitious and say a million users have installed this new MatchMe app. You may not want it to send out a million network requests each time a user does a search. So you create a neat little pack of criteria and send it as a query out to only 10 other MatchMe clients, each of which evaluates the criteria to see if it is a valid candidate and passes the query on to 10 more and so on. Just a few steps removed, and you’ve reached all of the million users, with each client performing only a little bit of work and, after getting results back from the 10 clients it queried, passing its results back up to the requester.

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Or just one dynamic distributed index to search against. Even simpler still.:slightly_smiling:

Please define “dynamic distributed index,” that one would search against.

An ever changing aggregation of user preferences distributed throughout the network that is queried automatically by the algorithm.

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So I think a match making api has purpose if it to setup a match in star craft or more important get some girls.

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So basically decentralized collections of preferences if I’m understanding you correctly. Which is kind of what I was thinking about for the app or api while in the tub. Think about how facebook or twitter has an api that allows various websites to put their widgits and logins on their websites, so their presence gets scattered all over the web. Same concept more or less. You’d have the main MatchMe app then it would have tendrils connecting to different addons and extentions using the MatchMe api in various other applications. Each would function in pretty much the same way, might not even need a central app. In short your main node would look for all the other nodes, then if you were using a particular app, or were looking for nodes that matched a particular app, it would then filter for those particular nodes and those settings. Then you could filter for the particular criteria of your given search for your specific app and/or query. Come to think of it this same app could be used as a general search engine you’d just have to be searching public file lists instead of app data. Anyway think of it like a jellyfish, octopus or amebea with thousands of different coloured tenticles. Each represents a different category or app. The app, or whatever node you are using is the central point.

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