MasterXchange users bashing MaidSafe?


I’m seeing alot of messages bashing MaidSafe from anonymous users on MasterXchange and it’s a little worrying.

You can see all the comments for yourself at under their messaging system.

It could very well just be people trying to drive the price down so they can buy cheaper,

But they have interesting comments that I wanted to ask about here; namely:

"MaidSafe spent most of the $millions raised and only has $400k left with not much to show for it "

“they have no working windows client and no gui” …(what’s a gui by the way?)

“they spend around $225k monthly on devs, etc”

“MaidSafe doesn’t have enough funds to last through November”

“it is all just a big heist, but won’t look suspicious because it was drawn out over such a long time”

And other worrisome comments (speculations?)

I just finished reading those things on MasterXchange and got worried and wanted to ask here.

Hopefully someone knowledgeable can talk about this.



This is bashing about Mastercoin Foundation not MaidSafe


What you mean?

They all say “MaidSafe” not Mastercoin


If you read this

they were complaining about Mastercoin Foundation not MaidSafe

Someone made a typo and tried to drive the conversation against MaidSafe;

Look MSC = mastercoin MSC is also abbreviation for MaidSafeCoin.
so it is easy to get confused, and to confuse others.

So I am spelling out to clear up the confusion.


Thanks for that,

And I do see people taking about the Mastercoin Foundation,

But what worries me is the comments I saw about the “MaidSafe Foundation”


You don’t have to worry about that anymore.
Those comments do not apply to MaidSafe;

Mastercoin Primary Fund Ledger (BTC)

The contents of this file apply to Mastercoin Foundation; not to MaidSafe


Por que?


Because they are not true. I just showed you that they were talking about Mastercoin Foundation and not about MaidSafe;
Those comments do not apply to MaidSafe;


OK my bad I just reread it more carefully

You’re right, those figures were about the Mastercoin foundation



I officially revoke this stuff!!!

So hopefully MaidSafe has millions left and can survive for a long time :slight_smile:


Thanks for clearing that up dude!


No worries; it is easy to get tripped up in the universe; glad to help your concerns be clear.


Yeah dude this universe is a trip

Glad there’s great people in it though :smiley:


the maidsafe foundation really should spend some time establishing relationships with more professionalized exchanges, particularly anticipating a live system.

no offense to the guys that run that exchange, i am sure they try their best, but the user experience on there is just not up to snuff.


It might be a good idea to get maidsafecoin/safecoin it’s own distinct abbreviation so this doesn’t happen.


Trolls on there are always trying to manipulate the price. I wouldn’t believe a word written in there without finding a decent source to back it up.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Hope I didn’t create any confusion!!

I really gotta think before I post…


Dude what?

Idk why you say things sometimes


yea it is usually called MAID at least on poloniex and coinmarketcap

anyway should not be the exchange people use. please someone go talk to a professional exchange and guys like Vennd or something. everything just looks so amateurish.

i remember seeing that convo on masterxchange and i thought they were talking about MSC not MAID, so i really don’t know what the OP was thinking. must have been user error.


To answer your incidental question a ‘gui’ is a ‘graphical user interface’ - it basically means anything with buttons and menus and stuff rather than just a command line where you type programming commands to make it work.

I’ve heard people pronounce it as ‘gooey’, and for some reason that always tickles me.


How else would one pronounce it!

BTW I’m still not sure how to pronounce Linux :wink: