Masterxchange to email notify all people about its shutting down

Just writing hoping that would send an email notification to all the customers because I don’t think that that has happened yet.

Has anyone received an email about its shutting down?

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I have.
It’s 30 days to shutdown so I don’t consider they were late with this as public announcement was done earlier, and I also received email (yesterday).

@janitor do you ahve a screenshot?

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I didn’t read the email, I just deleted it since I know what it’s about, but I’ll check Trash and post a screenshot later.

Edit: dash from Trash

Oh okay I just saw it in my inbox, so officially is shutting down.

though just got it today, and that’s two days late
But I hope that this gets the attention of anyone to whom it is relevant.

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  • This month has 31 days
  • 30 days is what we think is reasonable.

If they haven’t promised this type of advance notice, we can’t say it’s objectively late. The Web ann came out way earlier, and email just in time, so even judging by the 30 day standard I don’t think they were late… Just my opinion.

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