Mastering cybersecurity

Here’s where I am right now.
I can install and use arch Linux. I know a bit of Python. I have a basic understanding of most computer and Internet related things, definitely above average Joe, but nothing in depth.
I’d really like to master cybersecurity, though. I’d like to know how to stay anonymous and identify threats. I’d like to understand how things work and how to react to government measures.
Where should I begin my studies? What topics should I begin with?


Well, there’s not a category called: “Computer Security”.

There are several:

Basically, it’s really really hard. My advice? Pick one or two, focus on those, and then make some friends who have complementary skill sets. No man is an island.


I found that Hacker High School was an excellent starting point. Not only is it written for that level, which really helps for beginners, but it dives right into command line interface inputs and outputs that you can work with right alongside reading through download-able PDFs!

Deep dive, if you’re up for it:

Why this particular guide Daniel, do you see it as the best available?

The principles look at the ways in which the internet can be a transformative public and political space for women, trans* and feminists. They place tech-related violence on the continuum of gender-based violence, making clear the structural aspect of violence, linking expanding and/or mirroring online attitudes with offline prejudices.