vs - lost Maidsafe coins

Private keys start with 5 public keys usually start with 1 FWIW…

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So if I have the address, but not he private key, then, even though I paid for them, I don’t actually own them? I know a number of people who “bought” maidsafe in their initial public offering, who are in the same boat as me. They can see the coins, but have never been able to move them to a wallet.

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Think of it kinda like a donation box – The Public key is the mailslot and the private key opens the box…

Chances are whoever your wallet provider is has the private keys and if you dig around far enough in their website they will give them to you - or you can just ask them to send the coin and they will do that for you…

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Okay, JReighley,

I’m at I’ve opened my wallet, didn’t even remember that I had one there. Thankfully I keep good notes and had my identifier and password.

I’m still confused. Sorry.
I have a BTC address. When I go to and put that into the search window, it shows my 4631 maidsafe coins.

When I look at that same BTC address in my wallet, it shows 0.00998255 BTC attached to that addy.

How can this address have BTC and Maidsafe connected to it?

My transaction history shows me getting receiving BTC to that addy in April 2014,
then sending BTC to safenet/coin on the same day, and leaving me a small balance there, which is 0.00998255 BTC
once the transaction was done.

So that clearly shows my purchase of maidsafe coins.

What I am so not getting is, where are those coins. How do I get them into a wallet.
And why does the BTC address,( with the balance of 0.00998255 BTC at show me the maidsafe coins at

Do my questions even make sense? Smile

Continuing to try to figure this out.
So, while at wallet, I clicked on “Paper” and printed that page out.
I see the long number under the BTC address, that I assume is the Private Key.

If I take this to the and go to my wallet and click on My Addresses, it brings up some options. On option is to Import Address with Private Key.

I am assuming that if I put that Private Key in there it will bring up the same address that is in my wallet.
The same address that when I go to and put it it, it shows my 4631 msc.

If that is correct, will it then show the msc in the omniwallet or will I then have to do another step from there?
I’m trying to figure this out, without messing myself up.
If I am on the right track here, let me know.
Thanks everyone

I am sorry that I cannot help with particular wallets operations.

addresses are just numbers, coins are associated with (sent to) the number. So it is easy to have x BTC at the address and y MAID at the same address and z of ??? coin at the address. Its not a physical item that can only hold one type of thing, but a number that many coin systems use to associate coins with. The crypto world for a large part (not all) decided to use the same maths for generating these numbers (addresses) and their coins are at (associated with) these numbers.

There is no physical coin, the coin is “on the blockchain” or more precisely held in the blockchain database, not in a wallet as such. The wallet holds your public and private keys to an address. The address is the public key value. And the private key proves to the blockchain processors you have ownership of that address and can “send” its coins.

  • So your wallet does not hold the coins.
  • Your wallet holds the keys to the address that the blockchains associate your coins with.
  • The private key proves to the blockchain processors you own the coins you are transferring from your address to another
  • maidsafecoin uses the blockchain, with a modified protocol that only certain wallets understand. Only certain wallets can interrupt the blockchain’s database correctly for maidsafecoins.
  • this modified protocol has the effect of causing BTC to appear at your address. Only wallets understanding maidssafecoin can display your maidsafecoin quantity and the BTC protocol recognises maidsafecoin as a very small BTC value, which is why it always looks like you have some BTC even though only maidsafecoin has been sent to that address.
  • you will need some actual BTC at (sent to) that address to enable you to pay the fees required by the processors to process the send maidsafecoin transaction.
  • when you setup your new address make sure you record your public and private keys (in your notes).

Okay. My final post. I found my answers on another forum. I’m posting them here, in case someone else needs this info in the future.

My Question: Where are my MSC, how to I get them into a wallet?

ANSWER: They are already in the wallet under the BTC address you used to purchase them with. THAT is the address that they are connected to, though they do not show. Further clarification below.

Your BTC address connected to your purchase of maidsafe coins (MSC) does not show the MSC. They are connected to the address, however, which is why, when you take that BTC address to and put it in the search window, it shows your MSC coins. In a bitcoin wallet they do not appear at all, but they are connected to that BTC address. So they are OK there as long as your machine is secure, or you have the number written down and safely stored (including the private key, which you attain by clicking on “Paper” in your BTC wallet. the Private Key is the longer number under the long number) Print it and save both.

You can set up an wallet to read these and transfer them to an offline bitcoin address if you want

When safecoin are available after the network launch then you will send these to a brun address with a message stating your maidsafe wallet address in the transaction. The safecoin will then be xfered to your safecoin wallet address. There is a chance there will be a direct route via some mastercoin projects as well, but we will see nearer the time.So you have maidsafecoin right now in your bitcoinqt wallet. To do anything with them you need a mastercoin compatible wallet, which seems to be omniwallet at this time. Many folks (like me) are holding the maidsafecoin in a bitcoin wallet whether on a computer or offline in a paper wallet. If you type your wallet receiving address into the mastercoin blockchain you will see your maidsafe coins there.

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Omnichest not working :stuck_out_tongue:

They said they are called OmniExplorer now, but that’s also not working.

Anyone know what’s up?

Working for me (use https)

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Hmm OK thanks

Still having trouble getting addresses to load. I’ll try on desktop