Massive vault failure handling?

So, I know that everything on the network is copied at least 4 times per piece, but I was wondering what happens if all four vaults holding that data go offline? Improbable, I’m sure, but I mean there could be something like Egypt shutting down internet access that happens again, or a massive natural (or unnatural) disaster.

That number has to be chosen to be infeasible, as nodes should geographically distribute then even more so. So on average each copy should be in a different continent. With republish ability nodes will be able to copy this quickly to new nodes on massive outage. In normal mode the network supplies a new copy very quickly as nodes vanish.


If we’re considering an established network, then it’s safe to say it’s world-wide. China, US, Europe, Russia, South America, etc. If four regions were to go down simultaneously, then I’d have more things than data to worry about.

But say they do. Well, the data’s not gone necessarily, it’s just offline. Any one of those computers, when reconnected to the Network, will be able to re-establish it’s role in the Network along with all of the data that it was storing.

During the time that it was down though, if even one piece survived a second or two inbetween geographic outages, the Network would re-propogate that and you’d have your necessary four pieces established again. But wait! It gets better.

The way we measure how much data is actually on the Network is by adding sacrificial copies of data to more vaults. So even though the Network requires that there be a minimum of four pieces, it’s much more likely that there are six (or more!) copies spread out throughout the Network. Only when the Network is full (like no more free space) will most data only be in four places. Most likely it’ll be in more places than that.

Other than that, I don’t know what to say other than hold on to your hats if something like that actually happens.

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I doubt this one. As we have non-persistent Vaults you get dropped from the routing table the moment a heartbeat shows you’re off. And you drop others as well. So to get all back would mean that everyone keeps running their Vaults even while offline and the network allows them back when the connection is back. like I said, I think gone is gone.

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How do you get that estimate?