Mass surveillance, it's not just for the NSA anymore, FBI malware installation dragnet


Just read this Wired article on the FBI drive by install of malware on tor users. If one of us did this, installed malware (untargeted) on thousands of individuals computers, in order to circumvent security and spy on them , it would be a felony. The FBI does this, it’s law enforcement.

‘What’s changed is the way the FBI uses its malware capability, deploying it as a driftnet instead of a fishing line.’

This article starts off with a possibly legal use and case, to a everybody that uses tor is a bad actor and we are using malware to circumvent their computer security.

‘On August 1, 2013, some savvy Tor users began noticing that the Freedom Hosting sites were serving a hidden “iframe”—a kind of website within a website. The iframe contained Javascript code that used a Firefox vulnerability to execute instructions on the victim’s computer. The code specifically targeted the version of Firefox used in the Tor Browser Bundle—the easiest way to use Tor.’

Considering the indifference of the average citizen had over what happened with the Lois Learner IRS scandal, people will be very willing to let this abuse of power slide. Extremely troubling.