Marketing Plans

First off, thanks to whoever made the T-Shirts happen - that was great and you managed to recruit another person, just one from me so far, as a result. Victoria - and anyone else - thank you!

Are there any plans to add a micro SAFECoin payment to the gamification of the forums?

Useful, thanks, etc, could carry a small incentive. Not a ton, so as to attract spam, but just enough to make it a nice addition to the scoring system…


I gave out the phone/laptop camera-cover stickers and managed to enlighten a couple of people about the spying we’re subject to and the coolest potential solution out there, SAFE FTW! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Those stickers were a great idea, well done to whoever is responsible!


I think MaidSafe is going to need so me serious commercials!
Like those LifeLock Commercials that come on everyday.
I do not use LifeLock but I know about it, and I am planning on using it someday.

If MaidSafe make commercials like LifeLock, I can easily see MaidSafe becoming just as big or bigger.