Marketing on inferior project chatrooms and forums

I think we should let the inferior project investors know that SAFENetwork exists. Investors like Sia, Storj, Substratum, Hedera, and much more could be easily converted into our project just by picking the main differences between their blockchain unscalable vaporware and our going-to-fruition revolutionizing SAFENetwork. Is anybody willing to take a position on some organized media attack so we can create some awareness between those looking for something like SAFENetwork?

Hedera looks very hyped right now and I think it should be our first target.


I think it’s always better not to antagonise other projects,
and to phrase our conversation anywhere as inviting, nice,
innocent. Each one can phrase it of course the way it fits,

for one example, it always sounds good to make a positive,
appreciative remark to connect to another projects audience,
and also rather soft-pitch all the 3-5 main strengths of ours,
maybe omitting a direct comparison and what theirs lacks,
just letting the rest of the audience discover it by themselves.

It would not be wise to cultivate aggressive approaches,
conspiring directly from this community would backlash.

However, it is always legit to also go out into the world
and ask people in a smart way what they think about
the qualities aimed at in our project, if they would want
to learn about it, and look into ours at a landing page
that gives them an introductory & furthering overview.


I was thinking the same thing.

Hedera launch is coming up, hit that with a hash tag twitter campaign on release day.

#hedera did you also know #safenetwork does this that and the other”