Marketing Initiatives

I like the QR code idea very much but after a second thought it might not be great to have a QR code facing a main road. We probably don’t want people driving cars fumbling with their phone camera while driving.

I’m hopping that the local student foot traffic would be more of a target, on foot, or on a bus top deck.

Hoping that drivers don’t really care that much about anything other than the traffic, and maybe they would ask the passengers.

Any advert on the road could be a distraction, I remember in the last decade, those bra adverts were blamed for male motorist crashes…

I say lets do it!

Can’t be worse than texting’s impact on driver concentration…

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It does not need to be worse, depending on what road it is?

Just because texting while driving is not SAFE don’t exclude using a camera is not SAFE. It depends on what conditions and road it is.

But that question might be best answered by the person who knows the conditions.

I don’t think anyone will try to scan the QR code while driving. If they do, they’re first in line for winning the Darwin Awards…

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Until conditions about the location are known, any scenario or other things, are irrelevant.

I was going to reference this brilliance but didn’t know where to point. So cool you made this!

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Or a passenger in which case it’s perfectly SAFE.

Well then they wouldn’t be driving, haha :wink:

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Omg, duh. :man_facepalming: There should be a rule about posting to the internet after a long shift too haha. Time for bed


We’ve all been there, haha :blush:

Hey @Sotros25 can you open your messages?

Think we are close to the full testnet so getting the banner ready. What colour is best and should we add a qr code instead of the text as suggested? If we are doing the QR code could someone let me know how to set it up.


THe second one is a bit Citeh… That Ok round your parts?

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As long as it’s not red I don’t mind :man_shrugging:t3: Just using the original logo colour


Will you be placing obstructions on the pavement so folk are forced to walk past it alone?


Clear visual indicators with subtle cues work best.

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dont you think best marketing is something like this? But maybe is good that people dont know about maid because is not finished and anonymity of this project is in dark zone


Here is an example of something I’ve been trying to relay over the years that I think would work well for SAFE.

Found on Reddit.