Marketing Initiatives

Day-to-day market fluctuations are nothing to be concerned about, always look at the the long term results. But E.M. should be a litttttttttttttttttlllllllllllllleeee bit concerned about what his board and the S.E.C. might think about these shenanigans.

I personally don’t care about the value of Tesla stocks in itself. The potential impact of Tesla on positive evolution in car technology etc is more interesting to me. That seems less then a couple of years ago, but I’m not following it that closely.


To catch you up-to-date: Practically all car manufacturers have electric vehicles in the works but all of them will have a hard time catching up to Tesla, primarily because of their lead in software but also from the fact that Tesla is on track to create additional revenue streams (see the Tesla Network) that will mimic the service revenue from ICE cars. Not to mention the ICE car companies are trying to figure out how to get their dealers behind the move to EV’s since the service revenue a dealer would realize from them would only be a fraction of what they are making off gas cars. The public is showing an interest that is growing all the time:


That’s actually a bit how I see Bitcoin and even MAID. I do own some coins, and sure, it would be nice if they went to the moon, but there is so much more at stake. It’s all about open source and collaboration.


In general, I don’t put too much “stock” in stock prices (pun partially intended), mostly because equities were largely in need of the massive correction that has happened this year. With Tesla, I’m more interested in their ability to hit their sales targets and their competitive position in the auto market, which I’d liken to the number of SAFE Network users and how well SAFE Network (as the only true decentralized Internet) performs against clearnet alternatives.

I’m generally of the philosophy that marketing (I.e. how do you reach and satisfy the consumer) is of more importance than finance (I.e. fancy balance sheet management to optimize short to mid term stock price performance). Effective marketing can help share value with the broadest set of people—consumers—while in most cases, stock price performance distributes value among a smaller set of shareholders.


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Filecoin is selling and shipping hard drives with data for you to upload to the network for $265 :thinking:.
Is this dumb or genius? Can’t decide.

I don’t know anything about Filecoin but it seems they are happy to have countless copies of the same data.


Not a bad move in my opinion - in fact $265 seems cheap for an 8TB hard drive. Not much info in that article but if it included a big red “click here to start contributing and earning” button that would be a very simple way to get involved without having to understand all the confusing and scary crypto stuff.


Sounds like they took a page out of AOL’s playbook. From the mid 1990’s to the mid 2000’s they mailed out about a billion CD’s, giving everyone an easy way to sign up. Hugely successful. Now that’s marketing!


@sotros25 China is back open for business - get quotes on large qtys of big HDDs and we will put our own images on them. #Marketing


Seems like a gimmick for a company with more money than sense to me. Maybe it will have a marketing impact, but it will come at a high cost.

People tend to have plenty of space on their machines to share already; they just need an easy way to do it. A simple download with a usable interface would suffice.

In terms of moving big data around, yes it is costly and takes time. However, you only need a handful of copies for redundancy, so why clone the same data so many times?

Ofc, filecoin isn’t an autonomous network. It requires people storing data to fulfil contracts, IIRC. There may be different mechanics at work as a result.


I could see this working well in a pure marketing play kind of way, somewhere in between what AOL did mailing discs for free and what social media influencers do with free giveaways in exchange for engagement (e.g. for every join, repost, like, sign up, etc. enter to win X). I could imagine building a marketing campaign around the opportunity to win a SAFE Network imaged HDD and auctioning off the remaining drives to raise further funding. E.g., we get 100 drives, 10 are give aways to raise awareness, the other 90 are sold at a minimum price of x that covers cost and also allows people to add y as a donation.

Some key questions I’d have around something like this would be:

  • What size disk? (i.e. Filecoin shipped out 8 TB disks, but could just 1, 2 or 4 TB suffice?)
  • What type of HDD? (i.e. I’m assuming an external drive would be most practical)
  • Who will manage logistics? (i.e. who will image the disks, ship out the disks, etc.)?
  • The age-old, how much funding could we raise for this and how?

I did a little bit of digging, and think that we could pull off a “light” version of this for $10-15K (inclusive of buying the disks, shipping the disks, and marketing the initiative itself). Here are a few price estimates:

(Sidebar: it’s almost obscene that “Filecoin was one of the biggest initial coin offerings (ICOs) of 2017, raising approximately $257 million as one of several projects out of Protocol Labs.” Imagine what we could do with a 10th of that funding…)


The main purpose of this, I believe, should be to provide an easy on-ramp for SAFE Network install, not for the actual vault provision of the network. With that in mind, a USB drive might be just as practical. One thousand pre-loaded 1GB USB drives with logo could be had from a reputable company for less than $12 each it looks like.

In addition to the SAFE Network install files we might want to include the Folding@home setup file as part of the pre-load. The SAFE Network install file on the USB drive should be small enough for someone to send to an acquaintance via email and it would be great to include some kind of incentive for them to do so. As such, this project would probably have to wait until the network was in Beta mode.


That would be fantastic if that’s the case! Also think including the Folding @ Home setup is a great idea too. What else might it be good to include? I guess there might be multiple parts/answers to that question that would change depending at what stage the drives are shared (i.e. once multi-section networks come on line, at beta, at launch, etc…).


Why not do both?


Update from a reply I just received: Ten thousand would be less than $6 each! Next question: how do you distribute them? Possible answer: you don’t. Maybe we are over-thinking this. Skip the USB drives and just provide an incentive for people to send the install file to their friends. Basically, no cost.


I prefer to give with zero profit than things for free. People will not care to run a vault or update it if they could get it for free.


I’d give away say 10 as prizes and auction the rest.
I agree just giving stuff away on anything other than a very small scale will "distort the market"but also the recipients will not value the item as highly as if it was paid for. We see the same problem with airdropped coins.


A billion people over ten years sure valued those free AOL disks.


Really like the branded usb drive idea… If somehow it could be sold at close to cost (or why not a profit??). If inexpensive enough people or even just holders of coins may be inclined to buy as gifts to non holders.