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TLDR going to create a community led marketing action group focused on taking action with marketing initiatives and chasing positive results if you like the idea and want to take part give this post a like so I can gauge interest and please comment below

Happy New Year.

Little hung over so bear with me.

I have been thinking about this idea for a while and for all I know something like this already exists or maybe maid is working internally on something or as part of addition to the new community engagement program but here it is anyway.

I was thinking we should create a group specific to marketing only. This group would be for marketing purposes and individuals only. People who either work in some kind of marketing role, can offer marketing type services and will offer their time and energy to do some kind of marketing for the safe projects.

The sole goal of this group is action, communication and results. Not necessarily in that order.

I am not sure what platform would be best or most suitable and you can have a little giggle at me but personally I think facebook is great for this type of thing because you can create a private group, you can have admins and moderators, people can easily communicate and chats or group chats can easily be created. But that’s up for discussion and maybe this forum is also an option.

The way I would foresee the community operating is essentially new projects or current projects. So say I’ve made a short video already that would be a current project and depending on some kind of group consensus we would all share and promote that video with the goal of getting as many eyeballs on it as possible and actionable results to come out of it e.g. safe forum sign ups, maidsafe site click throughs or download of the browser for example.

A new project example might be a brand new project where it is literally just at the light bulb stage and maybe the individual simply wants to run the idea past everyone, should the idea be a good one community members can team up and create their own chats or working groups, or maybe the idea just fizzles out or if the idea is so good and there is plenty of interest and consensus the group all come together to work on it as a while setting mile stones etc with the end goal being the same = results.

Or a new project may simply be someone saying they have started design for a T-shirt or snap chat filter or something like that and they have run into a hurdle and need some help or would just like feedback.

The one thing all projects should have in common is goals to achieve a specific result which grows or adds to the safe project.

This can be hard to gauge understandably because unlike traditional marketing we are not yet selling anything but depending on the project there should still be X goals for Y results.

Again. The entire goal of the group is action, communication and results.

If Maidsafe want to get behind it they can and maybe they can offer bounties or simply just guidance.

In relation to that topic of funding I personally think it can get too overly complicated especially for a community group to begin creating bounty or community funding systems and it opens us up to scammers but not even that maybe it just creates a system similar to the crowd funding ones where all the effort is placed on selling the idea and getting the funds and then the project loses steam and does not deliver on results.

The only thing I personally would have zero issues with is if individuals would like to pay one another for said services.

But let’s see what @maidsafe has to say about this.

Some examples of projects, actions and results might be:

  • I am going to appear on a friend’s podcast, there is nothing required of the community other than to download and listen to it and if people agree that it is good and benefits the safe project they like it share tweet it blog about it and share it with their friends.

  • An individual from overseas is creating safe project explainer videos in Japanese and he or she wants feedback. The community provides feedback and agrees the videos are so good we should work to get as many Japanese speaking people to see it but not many are Japanese so the few that exist create their own chat and begin working on the project. They check in to the larger group when needed, for updates or if something else is required.

-a safe chat app has been created and the developer is seeking assistance from the community to get the word out about his app and he is even willing to pay individuals or the group for their services.

-a local event or meet-up is happening and the organisers need also spreading the word out to all of the local universities and highschools to get as many developers to turn up as they can.

The group would also serve to do other things such as:

-share research data e.g. we can create lists and data bases of the largest and most active related communities, blogs, podcasts etc.

-we can identify the most followed and most popular people in related communities.

-we can create general action plans e.g. if a Maidsafe article is published we know what to do e.g. gets shared on xyz pages and sites by person A because he or she has best ranking on those sites.

-we can create inter linking via website’s forums and sites.

The group would also post updates here in the same way that the development team is doing.

The group can also take the batton from app developers or from folks in the refreshed community engagement program.

And finally this new marketing action group takes all that has been discussed in the coordinated marketing post Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign - #532 by goindeep and puts it to use.

Let’s hear from others on this and especially Maidsafe.

So what are your thoughts guys?


100% agree, I have been somewhat demotivated by things getting buried in long threads, we need to dig up gold gems as well as come up with new ones and facebook, as much as it makes my stomach turn would mean ppl are more likely to be present online more often and know how to navigate things. Lets do it!


If I can get a few more likes to the original post above for people to show they are truly interested and will take part - i’ll create it and post the link here.

I just don’t see a point in wasting time on something no one will use. And that’s the whole point of an ACTION group. Discussion should be a precursor in this new group to action and eventually results.



I’m drafting a new version of my MaidSafe marketing e-Office proposal, that is community driven instead, as David, Nick and the community all have seen to agree that that is how they want it.

I’m looking at your post here and considering you as one of the managers if you like.

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Im not really sure what that entails or if I have time but sure send me more info. Cheerio.

I work in in a senior PR role in UK financial services, I think the effective marketing of this is key for different audiences a) people who understand the technology; and b) people who have no idea what is is


Looks like quite a few are interested.

What are peoples thoughts on where we host and manage the group?

I’m for facebook. Most people already have fb accounts, we can get notifications, we can chat, live video, make group private, have mods and admins etc.


It’s not in the spirit of the project and crypto community but very convenient as everyone know how to use it and will be online. Alternatively we can resurrect ?

Definitely count me in!

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How about a guerrilla meme campaign? Buy some twitter posts or bots or whatever and seed it with a bunch of community made and voted memes? Perhaps Maidsafe would be able to pay for it if they approve of the selected memes…because in all honesty, the community is small, we have a weak collective voice, the project has no coverage, and we don’t have any connected and closely followed superstar personalities with reach outside of this forum for the most part.

On that last part, I have a few names I wish would engage, but they are mostly Bitcoin maximalists. I love them because they don’t B.S., but their strict hardline thinking(with good reason) has hardened them towards looking at the benefits of a project like SAFE. I would love to just recruit a few of them to take a “no strings attached” deep dive with the SAFE team.

Also, for those that pay attention, all the US MSM news does is blame Russian bots for the #releasethememo or other hashtag campaigns whose narratives combat the official narrative they want to push. I know for a fact that there are millions of real Americans behind those accounts. Politics aside for the moment, their work is having a powerful effect of a grassroots campaign changing the narrative of the 4th estate. It’s a BFD. Imagine what the SAFE Network community could do with just a spoonful of that sauce…

EDIT: Here is a theme example:

With all of last months censorship by Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., we’re going to see a massive push for either an Internet Bill of Rights or policies put in place that guarantee the extension of rights into cyberspace. We could take the reigns of that conversation and explain how the code written on paper to not censor can now be written into open-source software that doesn’t even allow it.


Good eve,

What about Metaverse, to dally in the augmented reality space as well?
Typeforms might also be fantastic to create deep (or shallow) direct, interactive engagement?
I spend much of my time of decent.tralized social, steemit, steepshop, - do you have a presence thus far on the Steem blockchain?
Lastly, I have my own podcast with a partner called Makers of Chains (we approach educating the industry from both edification and satire/humor perspective), it would be great to have ye on for a ye olde episode.


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Nice to see @happybeing, @whiteoutmashups and myself cited in the refs!

Why do you say it’s a painful read (granted I have just skimmed Chapter 4)?

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Ah - I hadn’t twigged who the author was :bulb: I’m a bit slow today…