Market Research

To better understand what positioning will work best for the Safe Network as well as what marketing initiatives to prioritize, I would like to hold some focus groups/interviews. I have divided target participants in the Safe Network ecosystem into 4 groups:

  • Developers: People who build dApps &/or work on decentralized platforms
  • Farmers/Earners: People who mine/stake crypto projects
  • dWeb & dApp Users: People who use dWeb browsers, platforms, and dApps
  • Investors/Traders: People who invest in/trade crypto

There will be overlap across these four groups (e.g. Developers may also be Farmers, Farmers may also be Investors, etc.) However, each of these 4 groups will have unique priorities. As such the value prop will (likely) be different for each.

I’m looking for help in recruiting people who fit the descriptions for any of the target groups above and who would be willing to talk for 10-15 minutes or provide a written response to some questions. If you know anyone who fits the bill, please have them send me a DM on twitter (@sotros25) or an email (contact me and I’ll share the address with you).



Can we include ourselves, or are you specifically looking for views from others who are not currently in our community?


You can include yourselves. I’ll be keeping track of which interviewees are familiar with MaidSafe vs those who aren’t. Ideally, I’d like to talk to/get responses from both people who are and aren’t familiar with MaidSafe. It will be helpful to understand how the desired value prop may differ.


I’m not on twitter but happy to participate.
Id mainly put myself into the farmers / earners and investors / traders categories.
Id be happy to chat, but written response would probably be easier now I’m back at work.

After a little thought, I’d guess I’d be better in the investor/ trader category, as although I plan to farm, investing / trading is probably what I’ve done most of.


I sent my contacts a request to participate, I hope more people have time to get involved :dragon:

Thank you for your efforts :thankyou:


Sounds good, and thank you! I’ll send you a DM with the questions for both Investors/Traders & Farmers/Earners.

Great, thank you!

Happy to participate and even pass those questions along. Written would be more flexible for me but can make either work.

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Excellent!! I’ll send the questions to you via DM. :smile:

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