Market Research on market size and growth

Woah, post 13/n says: Total network capacity is currently around 600 PiB, for 4200PiB installed, or $240M worth of hardware.

That’s a lot of hardware!

Part of it is to do with the way proof of storage works. Burstcoin, chia,net, filecoin, all have this problem where space can be replaced by time (eg 1 TB of space can look like 10 TB of space if you have a powerful enough computer). So they all do proof of space-time rather than just proof of space. This is why verifiable delay functions (VDF) are such a hot topic right now, they feed into the time aspect of proof of space-time. It’s usually called a grinding attack (more info at the chia vdf competition).

I’m not personally so interested in VDF itself, usually it’s based on a repeated squarings algorithm, but the reason for VDF existing in the first place is quite fascinating and has a lot of implications for how energy efficient networks will function.


oh for sure there’ll be reason for it but to opt for that beyond 64GB pushing the limit of what is normally available and then expecting many miners, seems rather odd as in risky.

Reminds me of a niche project “emonie” which I watched just for the pure comedy of it; really odd for having a single rich dev and an unwieldy project and seemed to be centered on the idea of each node hosting the entire network state in memory!

tldr; every limitation, reduces the potential engagement… many users with hardware they already own, is a winner.


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One tumultuous week later:

Network Storage: 620 PB (+6.7% from 581)

Top miner power:
41.35 PB
38.71 PB
25.03 PB
22.85 PB
20.23 PB

Miners on chain: 589 (+7.5% from 548)

11.14 FIL reward per block (+2.1% from 10.911)

$23.16 per FIL (-60% from $58)

Current block height is 169859

Cost per GB per year: $0.015 (-91% from $0.177 USD, that’s super cheap!)

17.95x Cheaper Filecoin vs Amazon S3 Standard (was 35% cheaper, much cheaper now)

221.59 days avg deal period (+7.8% from 205.47 days)

2800.17 GB GB stored across the last 2.5K deals (was 3,619.402 GB)


Is there a way to see the total occupied space?

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Not that I’ve been able to find.

Nor have I been able to find how to browse filecoin data. Although even if I could I’d have to pay to fetch it so I guess I needn’t worry :slight_smile:


This is one of so many differentiators. Filecoin is interesting, but a very different animal from Safe.


I would not say they are that different in all regards. Filecoin is basically the same as private data. In that case the cost should be the same weather you charge it to store it or fetch it. Of course in reality they won’t be because that assumes resources cost the same on both networks. But in theory if they are both competing for the same job the competition should make the cost exactly equal in a frictionless market. So maybe different animals, but like a bat is to a bird, they occupy alot of the same niche.