Map Making App for SAFE

Okay this started as an idea on the BitLaw thread but considering it’ll probably become it’s own project I’m creating a new thread for it.

We started with the notion of using openstreetmaps but considering how incomplete it is that really isn’t going to work. And having good maps and map making tools is something that would benefit everyone beyond the BitLaw project anyway so I’m throwing this out there.

We need a user interface that’s easy to use but efficient and effective. The app should be crossplatform and hardware compatible (that is both desktop and mobile compatible). I’m thinking it would be handy to be able to upload pictures and videos of places as well as GPS coordinates from one’s mobile device. Not to mention keep all this data secure on safe. Also have an easy to use topagraphical map editor, you know, drag and drop easy. Perhaps one could even use satilite or arial photos as background images when creating the maps if one had them available. Also tools for importing and exporting maps to and from other formats like doc, odf, svg, jpg, xcf and so on.


There should be no borders. Just a map of basic Earth.

Then have an API that takes some kind of data from bitlaw to create visual layers of overlapping communities. They don’t have to be shown, but it gives you an visual what is trending, popular, and new stuff in the network.


Well you could have different borders. It’s a digital map for crying out loud. Have you ever seen one of those maps of North America of how First Nations were all organized BEFORE the settlers came and started laying claim to stuff? Totally different borders than the current set up. Point is you could have 1 layer with the current countries and states, another with overlapping communities, another with linking communications lines, another with transportation routes, and so on and so on.

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The map must remain anonymous, and allow to put data on the map. It cannot reveal your location to other people however I believe it is impossible because it requires a satellite to pin point you. Unless some hardware engineer design a opensource anonymous gps.

Otherwise, gps should be eliminated all together. You can still pin point where you are by collecting street, city, zone data.

I would like to introduce a better system to pin point without the use of the state as you usually do.

665 Interchange St.
Ghost City, China

Perhaps, we should add 4 or 8 zones per hemisphere, total of 8 or16 zones.
It could look like this

665 Interchange St.
Ghost City, Zone 4.

Not a bad start.

Your anonymity would only be compromised if the GPS satilite attaches a name to the GPS data it’s being requested. If all the satilite knows is some random person is asking for coordinates then you’re safe. If all that’s entered into the database is those coordinates then again you’re safe. It’s only when “this person by this name is at this location” gets recorded that we end up having issues.

Still I think there is merit in finding alternate ways of determining location. Like perhaps having a database of landmarks. Or even, and I know this sounds a little nuts, getting back to learning how to navagate by the stars. And what with a database full of informaton that would be a lot easier than it sounds Granted you might not do that so much in the city but if you’re out in the country and you have an easy database of constilations, maybe even an app to scan the sky for you and it’s doable.

Only if you’re in a city or other inhabited area and only if it’s of significant density to warrant street signs. Seriously dude if you live in a rural area or are out in the bush this kind of thinking can be the bane of your existence. Not everyone lives in a major city. Also you don’t need to be so crude as to rely on street, city and zone. We do still have longatude and latitude remember? Though people barely use those these days as they favor GPS coordinates. But the system is still there.

You might need to explain this more and develop the system. This might be useful but don’t expect immediate adoption and you’ll need to be clear in how you communicate it. Even I’m not getting a clear picture.

Using GPS doesn’t leak information about you because the satellites are broadcast only. Information on your position ends up on your device, so that is where it can be leaked.


Okay so wouldn’t this possiblility of information leakage be nullified by information being stored on SAFE?


I’m just correcting the impression that using GPS to obtain your location tells the GPS system you are. It doesn’t, it’s more like locating yourself on a map by identifying the landmarks around you. No one knows you did this, or where you are, unless they can somehow spy on you and can overhear you talking about your location, or can read the coordinates you just typed into a message etc.


Awesome. So see @anon81773980 no need to reinvent the wheel. We just need to make sure whatever GPS data is pulled stays secure.

Wow. Good to know.

Safe is the holy grail of user privacy. /circlejerk

So back to the idea of designing a way for people to plot points on a map and actually have good map making tools. Here’s a thought: Have a way to sync different map making coordinant systems. Like say you designed a topographical map and then laid a set of GPS coordinants on top of it. You’d want a way to sync the topographical map to the GPS coordinants to make sure that hill you just plotted wasn’t in the middle of the ocean for example. :smile: Also include a way to import pictures for reference material. Say you were doing a street map or plotting a path through a forest. Having pictures of various locations would be very useful.