Many common business terms need to go away

Its not just that they aren’t politically correct they are politically wrong and antiquated. Finding ways to avoid using them has to help in discourse.

Management and Manager and Manage
This term is medieval. Its as grotesque as animal husbandry. No one needs to be managed, its should be a crime. It sounds like man handled or man grouped. She was managed by him. Its horrid and seems increasingly in appropriate and stupid. If feel you have to manage someone you have to ask yourself if its good for your psychology or theirs and if you want to keep the association.

It means busyness. It was never quite correct, never above slang always somehow dirty or lessor.

Ad-minister. Its like a mixture of advertisement and minster. People are more and more allergic to both words hidden there. Its like therapist- the rapist. They don’t think of themselves as sheep and don’t want a shepherd to tend to them as a flock nor do they want their attention scavenged by ads, they are already too busy for frivolous interruption which they already suffer with interminably. The don’t want administrators either. The notion of administration has the ring now days of finding someone who is mediocre in every way especially morally and ethically and putting them in charge of something for the indignity of it and to make sure the status quo won’t be challenged. The adminstrator- useless.

This is outworn. It may be that even brands can go away. We really don’t need this form of organization anymore. We are ready for something greater. We also don’t really respect this form of organization anymore. We can do better. Is Linux a brand or a corporation? We’ve had coop but we need something else to describe our efforts. Its become superstitious crap with its nonsense right etc.

Employee, Employer
These two term is horrid. Might as well call people tools and tool users. The term “prostitute” has a more honorable wring by far.

Human Resources
Just garbage, humans are resources to be exploited by other humans to enhance other exploitative aims?

Do we need this anymore? Again, who wants to be around people who have to be bossed around and who wants to boss people around.

This term may have more life in it. But its not exactly a store, and its being challenged by networks and search and other new systems. Its also a religious fetish term for some, and its a very delusional religion. As an economic religion its a loser of the first order.

Disgusting unless its cheese spread in every way. It shouldn’t be involved with insurance or gasoline,
As nonsense as copay and share of cost.

This needs to be replaced by constructive gain or something that better describes it. We need to be able to differentiate constructive gain from extraction. They are not all the same.

This whole philosophy is the height of stupidity as are the concepts behind it. It ought to be called crime enablement, its almost never worked out over its long history. There are all these incredibly foolish claims about unleashing innovation and cutting red tape (due process) and the result is always the same with resulting theft and degradation of service. Its about letting corrupt clowns self police. It would be like going into a working program, even if it were a program that could be greatly improved and randomly stripping out lines of code and thinking that will make it work better.

Performance, Worth, Measurement, Evaluation, MIS, Analytics
Its an invitation for some number skull to pontificate on stuff they have no clue about.

If you’ve got a bonus, you’re performance really doesn’t matter. This is usually tied to cost cutting that implicates the victims of the cost cutting in some sort of crime.

No way, incredibly silly terms. As dumb and as wrong as the term “king.” These are the deciders, they make the hard decisions? A magic eight ball could replace the typical business CEO.

Is sold as setting up a competitive thriving market with ever decreasing prices and ever improving quality and choice in place of a governmemt bueauracracy. In reality it amounts to getting rid of a needed public service that has to run at cost or not at all and which indirectly supports real markets and replacing it ultimatelt with nothing but doing so in a way that enriches some cronies and supports the tax evasion of billionaires. Oh billionaires can’t afford the needed pulic service because they earned their money and didn’t just take the rightful income of others.

Leader, leadership
This term is larger than business but we need something else. And we need to question this as a category. Was Moses a leader? Yes but possibly mainly because he didn’t want the position. There is something ridiculous about the term, the only people qualified generally don’t want it or have to be made to resort to it. Who is leading them to become a leader? When its right you really are an instrument for something larger than yourself and the role isn’t designated by some process or delegated, you’re stuck with it. Some love it most are uncomfortable to say the least even if they do it their entire lives.

This term is a bit more meaningful. Kind of sad to see it go in some ways but its teetering. I know how important it is in reality but honestly who gives a damn?

Bottom Line
The bottom line is never money, if its absence means we can’t eat or a beloved business or trade or career leaves our lives. So its time to let this go too because its dishonest at the deepest level. Peple are the bottom the line the rest of it is unsettled dust and someone’s accounting delusion.

Talking points and power points
Charts and graphs can be powerful but face to face conversation and engagement is much more so. And talking points are completely moronic. It screams I am a puppet sheep as much as attorneys thing they are real competitors when they block your lane with their pack animal follower behavior on their bicycles covered in spandex painted with whorish sponsorship crap. Seems like that would be one group that wouldn’t want to advertise its prostitution and follower nature.

Public Private Partnership
Isn’t almost everything a PPP in the real sense. What is meant here is is the kind of Socialism that should scare people, and its generally a pure rip off anyway. It allows a private entity to convert public budget and infrastructure running at cost to cost plus their profit which depends on decreasing services.

Now these are quantities and formulas won’t just go away if they have some technical use but their social use is dead. We can see these terms really don’t track quality of life or standard of living that well and increasingly they seem to run counter to it. Their constant reference in the media is an insult. They are starting to become like your rich banker neighbor constantly bragging about his compensation perks.

The whole business scene is starting to become cliche. 50 years ago business wasn’t even a legitimate program of study and that realization is coming back. Its a pile of bs and I think allergy to corporate culture and business culture is coming back as it should. The feeling that its dirty or illegitimate is returning.

I’ve worked in Hippy run businesses. It was lots of fun.

But when the bills need to be paid, all of the “collaboration coaches” and the like are the first to get laid off, and business goes back to being business.

Stuff runs in cycles but hopefully with the lead out of the gas we don’t get as stupid next time.