Managing Maidsafe Reddit Search Results in Google

When you google search “Maidsafe Reddit”, the first result under the Reddit page is “This Project is a joke.” I don’t know much about how these search results populate, but is this something that could be changed (by a Maidsafe Reddit moderator, for example)? Just wondering…


It looks like it is a reflection of topics with the most up votes. That this comes top is a rather sad reflection on the community and perhaps the approach to not giving time scales.

This may not make comfortable reading, but clearly that reddit post echoed what others thought.


Don’t like Reddit. Like a flock of sheep without a shepherd.

Leave it as it is,. We will see who the joke is soon enough


This certainly sad that the community thinks so low about Maidsafe. But the market value reflects the mood of the community as well, and this should not be discounted.

which community? Anyone who spends a little time getting to know the project does not think so… :wink:

For the last 4 years, I have built my life around this project and I think the next 10 years will be for it (if not more …)


I think the best thing is not delete it.
I read his post and he explains he believes in the project but he had bad experience in the forum just because he had questions or doubts.
Best thing is explain why you believe in Safe and how it will succed. Just in this way you’ll demonstrate the strong value of the project and its community.
This is our “duty”, try to resolve other’s doubts, not delete them.


While I have not read this particular post and cannot comment directly on it. You have to remember that traders will spin a convincing story to try and manipulate the market to their advantage. Maybe to lower the price by introducing some FUD and since they were a wronged person they can work on emotions better. This is a big time trader’s tool, to manipulate people’s emotions and usually by believable stories (lies). Remember the best lies have truth in them.

I’d estimate that at least half the negative stories are simple trader’s manipulation with a touch of truth in it. And the same for the positive stories. Its even worse in the lead up to a pump or during a dump.


I use Qwant search - an EU based privacy respecting search engine with some connections to the Solid project (one of the main guys there wrote the Solid blog app, Plume, which I’m using for my proof of concept with SAFE).

Here’s the Qwant results for searching “maidsafe reddit”, no sign of that post:

BTW: I’ve been using as my default search for a few weeks now and haven’t gone back to Google once.


I use Qwant too! It’s pretty good. Also which anonymises Google search (that post appears in fourth place), and which anonymises Yahoo search (that post does not appear in the top 20). The only time I use Google these days is for maps, images and also for breaking news - it indexes things quicker than the private search engines.