Mammoth the router

Hi everyone. Mammoth the router is here in beta form. Here’s how I have decided to handle software development for the device:

put the router in people’s hands, and co-develop with them

I’ve bootstrapped this project. I can’t give the router away (though I think that’s the ideal model) but I’m more than willing to take any cryptocurrency or combinations thereof equaling about two hundred dollars. From here (forward looking statement) it looks like the final price will be $250 with the beefier antennas we’re including. $200 worth of crypto, whichever kind, joins the beta. If you want to donate a router to someone you know could help with development but doesn’t have the cash/crypto/what have you, I’ll put two together for ~$375. I know a few people in those shoes, so if you would rather I give away the 2nd router, just say so. If you’d like more info, please do just ask. People have so many intentions with this device, I feel it’s best to distribute the development a bit-- there are more use-cases than I can personally develop for!

I hope that this isn’t an inappropriate use of the forum, if it is, just let me know, and I’ll not post anything similar in the future. I think the best way to discuss would be skype, where I’m known as… faddat feel free to also use telegram, phone # 716-795-2538. If you require more secure messaging, I’m happy to oblige just tell me what to set up :).


Speaking personally @faddat I’m happy you are not abusing the forum, and hope some people reading this will want to support or join your project.

As moderator I see no problem either, while the community are my guide.

Good luck! And let us/me know how it’s going from time to time because I think there is both common interest and overlap.


Is there a website or a video demonstration?


I will make a video for everyone here. The web site will be up in about 5 days, but you can expect the video asap :slight_smile: