Making use of the new logo

Yes that’s angles not length. :slight_smile: unless in such tight space unlikely to be noticed

OK :slight_smile: but to make the cube illusion work the outline should be what is traced not a path length of the inner figure.

@Josh: could you provide the improved version as SVG file? i guess i could work from there to make
it all even. i suggest we contact @nicklambert once we have both the new logo and the safecoin logo fixed in terms of symmetry and then have them replaced on the brand assets page. better to fix any flaws asap.

Sure I did update the image in the previous post last night and it is as good as I think it will get using gridlines instead of redesigning from scratch.

this is the only version I have in SVG for now sorry. Its does not seem to be uploading properly. Ill see what I can do in a bit.

@BambooGarden I thought it was RGB issue but it’s not. I’m tight for time PM a email address and I will forward an SVG.


Shouldn’t have but I did, peeked at the SVG-innards of the “SAFE Network Mark” on the MaidSafe Assets-page. In there the jumble of coordinates making up the new Safe logo:

Scalable Vector Graphics

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation.

SVG images and their behaviors are defined in XML text files. As XML files, SVG images can be created and edited with any text editor, but are more often created with drawing software.

Indeed, the XML looks like the export of a detailed drawing but now I wanted to know if it was feasible to do this the other way round, constructing the logo in a text editor.

Would I’ve posted if it was not? Here it is:

<g stroke="#5b91cc" stroke-width="1.2" 
   stroke-linecap="round" stroke-dasharray="0,2">
  <path d="m0,0v4m1.74-5v6m1.74-7v8m1.74-7v6m1.74-5v4" />
<g stroke="#5b91cc" stroke-width="0.55" stroke-linecap="round">
  <path d="m0,2v-2m1.74-1v4m1.74-1v4m0-8v2" />
  <path d="M0,0L3.48,2m3.48,2l-1.74-1m0,0l-3.48,2m1.74,1l1.74-1" />
  <path d="M0,4l1.74-1m1.74-1l3.48-2m0,0l-1.74-1M3.48,0l3.48,2" />

Compared to the original a 65.000 to 500 ratio in text (characters) and seemingly the same logo:

New to the SVG-format and not saying it would be poor taste or not but try following up with this:

<circle cx="0" cy="4" r=".3" style="fill: #f00">
   <animate attributeName="fill"

An animated red dot on one of the outer edges. Could be a sign it’s charging overnight or a tail light indicating an intended left turn at the next intersection …

Trying to insert a gif of a 3d model I’ll be using to make a 3d print of the logo but not having much luck so here’s a link to the gif if anyone fancies taking a look:


Awesome, I see a need for animations for various uses, as well as just some with different colouration for alternate state (connected/disconnected state for example).

Anyone handy with the tools that can create these putting together a suite for things like connected/disconnected state toggle, activity/wait animation and so on would be helpful to application developers. Ideally with license that is free for everyone to use.

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What is it going to be used for?

Got it :slight_smile: Not needing precious metals:

Aerated Sugar Confectionery

Why do we aerate sugar confectionery products? Having more product for the same price is not the only reason. By adding air a softer product is obtained, optimizing melting behavior and thus flavor release.

This community of say 2500 heads is going to need a packet of 25 every week at 0.99 … There’s is a dry freeze-d ice cream producer amongst us too, maybe talk to him.

So here’s my first little go at printing this, settings are pretty rough, but you get the idea:

Not quite sure what it’ll be used for… maybe I could turn it into a keychain thingy? If I was to print this a little bigger it’d actually work pretty well as a coaster. Either way I think it’d be cool to make something to be given out as a little nicknack to those who attend meet ups (If someone is going to hold one, let me know and I’ll make some)

As I’m sharing prints, I did do a little keychain with the old penrose triangle logo too which turned out quite cool, even if it does stab me in the leg when I sit down :slight_smile:


Ah. Abstinence (or moderation) from Your Favorite Drink? :slight_smile:

Turns out you can use SVG too:

<div"gray";>Click to deactivate</div>

Broad subject, SVG, animation and scripting it in JS. Looking into this I particularly do enjoy “SVG Essentials” and the examples at GitHub.

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Very touchy :slight_smile:

How involved is printing of a real 3D-object, i.e with. 3 x 3 x 3 nodes? I’m thinking, how many different ways could one connect the nodes and would this then constitute enough of a ‘symbol library’ to enable a “Paper Wallet”-type object for a SAFE Network login? Not clear how to reenter it again either :slight_smile: One of those very cheap 5-dollar 3D probes?

nice work there - keep it coming! :wink:

It would make a nice coaster/conversation piece. I would love to buy one.

Thought I’d add to the logo library.

  • @BambooGarden is this logo being released into the public domain?
  • What are the 99design’s licensing restrictions when ordering a logo through them?
  • Did the artist provide any licensing restrictions of their own?
  • Who owns the 99design account and whose money was deposited to that account (the license for the logo would belong to them).
  • Does 99designs have tiers for licensing restrictions? (pay $200 for a logo you can only use for non-profit purposes, but pay $1000 if you want to use it to make money)

Let’s make sure future safers are protected from legal implications if they use this logo (or a modification of it) in their app or safenet site :slight_smile:


pretty sure that 99design doesn’t retain any rights to the logo - otherwise why would we be paying them to design it for us?

All right to the logo have been signed over to us, so we can license or do whatever we want with it. As with the rest of our content we have made it available under creative commons 4, so everyone can share and/or adapt it without any licensing concerns.



Another win for the community :slight_smile:

Only thing to note is the requirement of attribution:

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This might also help, but no guarantees. :wink:

LSD Revamped

Here is a small gif animation making use of the new logo. Feel free to use it, for example as a waiting animation in your safesite :slight_smile: