Making use of the new logo

first of all thanks to @Krekc and others for organizing the logo competition. at first i had a feeling the whole thing was going sideways but we did end up with a great logo at the end of it - well done!

i played around with it a bit and came up with some suggestions how it could be used as forum/wiki logo:

SAFE dev forum:

SAFE community forum:

SAFE wiki:

let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Cool! Would help if we see them at smaller sizes I think.

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With vector images you can scale them free at will. Werent the original logos coming as vectors?

Just zooming the web page I think the glyphs will need to be more easily distinguished for logos displayed at small sizes (such as the forum logo on this page), otherwise they’ll look too similar. Also, black looks a bit harsh to me.

I like the idea with some tweaking - it would be great to have a standard set for uses such as this.

One I wondered about making is the Penrose triangle with different symbols at each apex. For example, the SAFEnetwork logo (miniature version) on one, the Safecoin logo on another. That leaves one empty, or free for something else. This might be more appropriate for MaidSafe to use on their SAFEnetwork branding - as a kind of MaidSafe’s SAFE Stuff umbrella branding, but they have pros for this: @nicklambert

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It sounds like it would be quite busy, maybe cause confusion?

My 2 cents is that the safe network brand is for the community, it’s not MaidSafe’s brand, we are just a part of it.


Nice, but the black symbols are a bit to far on the right side (to my taste). I think they should be closer to the center.

i do like the penrose triangle. but that’s associated with MaidSafe the company, which will ultimately fade into the background as I understand it. besides: what’s the point of having this new logo if we dont use it?

i agree though that it needs to be more compact to scale better and that the black was too harsh. here comes the 2nd iteration :wink:

(forum tells me that file is corrupted when trying to upload as .svg, so it’s .jpg again)


@BambooGarden These look much better! Great work :slight_smile:


I wasn’t suggesting the Penrose for this, just sharing a related musing, and I agree (and said :slight_smile:) that it is more appropriate idea for MaidSafe than this.

Your latest update looks very nice. I like these.


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Could we turn this into a seamless scalable texture? I saw something pretty awesome in another tread and it looks like something feasible. From there modeling could be done using it.

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Looks great! Glad to see you working with the new logo.

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I am starting to regret voting for this logo, it simply does not work if it is large like the examples in this topic. At least to my eyes a large icon size is the maximum where the cube illusion still works.

You just have to lean back a bit and look at it. :wink:

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Great effort but IMO you should not bastardize the logo by cutting it apart. It loses its effect. Is there a way to superimpose the icons over the full logo … or simply add text in a complimentary manner?

Edit spelling

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Uh yeah. GIMP. If you have the source images handy send them over and I can have some combination images up in a flash. It’s simple image manipulation.

tried superimposing but it ends up looking too messy then

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Like the second iteration better for sure. Still not sure I like the idea of pasting images over the logo and thus taking away part of it.

Would really like to see the original logo used as the new forum logo and in other places so that people can get accustomed to it. Like Nick said however the logo can be used for anything by the community so don’t feel discouraged by my remarks :slight_smile:


not sure if that’s what you mean but one could easily produce a hexagon lattice, something like this:

if applied to the wallpapers it looks quite neat:


Chills. Absolute chills.

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