Making the US more like France

“France has 16 million guns in circulation in a population of 66 million. In 2012 they had 140 homicides in which a gun was used, same year in America there were over 11,000 gun homicides. Regardless of what you saw on November 13th in Paris, the French are doing somethings right.”

Sure we had lead in the gas which didn’t help and which certainly fueled the Republican Revolution but its the theft that the revolution entails that is the cause of the violence. In 1970 America didn’t have problems with a dropping standard of living and dropping security, it didn’t have problems with wages that were too low or problems with retirement or health carE or massive unsustainable personal debt and bills. It didn’t have problems with social mobility and affordable schools. In those years average Americans took home 75% of the revenue now they work harder and longer and take home 34% of the revenue.

Its theft and unacceptable power grabs by increasingly non contributing elites that is behind the desperation, rampant mental health issues and the violence. Increasingly we have people who certainly didn’t earn what they have (almost of of which was generated by others and rightly belongs to others) but these same people have also grabbed the power because the laws have been corrupted and instead of preventing the conflicts of interest and abuses of power that money creates they now enable these with a straight silencing conversion of money to power. Puppet media has been the biggest issue and that came with the elimination of the fairness doctrine.

But in the inner rings and policy circles this all came when it was found that there was enough automation to take the capitalists out of the loop and retire everyone and that realization goes back to 1970. People, if made aware of this would now say: our money made this McDonalds we own it.

The point of democracy was in part to address the concerns of political economy. Of course they can vote themselves a share of the wealth that’s the point, namely to not become property. And its obvious taxes are a problem if people have enough income and feel the are able to make a solid contribution. Its absolutely idiotic that it takes any money to elect someone- money is a filter in this regard the purest corruption. The idea that money is speech is also sheer idiocy, if money were speech it would be unduly coercive speech and as such it was correspondingly controlled by earlier courts. The free speech doctrine meant not diluting speech (drowning it out) with money.

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