Making a logo for SAFEpress

@BambooGarden If you feel inspired, please have a go at a logo for SAFEpress. Something like the above would be great though I’m not sure what glyph would work.

Right now I’m just using the Penrose triangle on the website and twitter account.


hmmm… maybe sth like this?

but perhaps the part with the stacked websites needs to be more simplistic…


It’s tricky indeed, but thank you - TBH I prefer that to using the Penrose triangle (which I like , but is MaidSafe’s!). A simpler glyph would be good but I’m happy with this anyway, so up to you.

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maybe this would be easier on the eye:

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Much cleaner. Neither so far are easily identifiable to me, but definitely usable.

Not wanting to take up your time, so feel free to stop at any point. But if you want my thoughts I’m wondering if a sheet of paper might be more identifiable, maybe with a hint such as “SP” on it. Or maybe just a quill, or some other allusion to writing.

I’m happy with what you’ve done so far though, so no worries, and thank you :slight_smile:

SAFEpress has taken a back seat while I’ve been working on remoteStorage.js so it’s not high priority, but giving it a suitable icon is a step forward. It’s not all about code, though that will be needed of course!


no worries there - lots of time on my hands for the next week or so and always wanted to dive more into photoshop/illustrator. the new logo is a good excuse, i’m enjoying it. a quill is a great idea i think. will give it a shot later :slight_smile:


quill could work quite well i think:


Again, great effort @BambooGarden is it possible you try a sample of full logo with simple text underneath. A clean simple font depicting TOOLS, WIKI, etc. Try it without icons. I would but I have no talent like you.

Edit spelling

Those quills look great!


Hi @BambooGarden, are you happy with the quill icons or still planning to tweak? When ready please can you share PNG versions that I can use for standard sized icons… thanks. :slight_smile:

i’m quite happy with them the way they are, unless you still have some suggestions. i could share a couple versions and you pick ur favorite. do you have photoshop or similar to re-size them to your needs?

I found those quills by just doing a google search for images. now i’m wondering if we’d run into copyright issues if we put them up somewhere? hard to imagine somebody having a problem with this. but wouldn’t be hard to create a version of our own that looks similar either. maybe that’s SAFEr… :wink:

does this look any good?

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Better safe than sorry I think. I assumed (I must stop doing that :smile:) you were using resources that wouldn’t have copyright issues.

I use GIMP so an SVG or PNG file would be fine.

I’d just like to have something half decent that is SAFEpress, and these are way better than that :slight_smile:, rather than borrowing MaidSafe’s logo. It’s very good that they allow that, but but good in the long run IMO because it causes confusion.

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Could look great in matching perspective


here you go, featuring our own quill this time :slight_smile:

couple different filetypes so you can also edit it. one thing that might still look cool
is to make the quill larger than the hexagon and have the tail look out of it…


Thank you! I’ll take s look when I’ve finished cutting up logs. :slight_smile: :deciduous_tree:

@BambooGarden I’m not sure about this quill. It doesn’t look like something else which is good, but I’m not sure what someone coming to this without expecting a quill would make of it. What do you think?

to me it looks like a quill alright. but maybe a pot of ink or an ink streak beneath it would help make it clear…

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Up to you. Maybe we should get some feedback. I’m happy to use them because then I’m not confusing SAFEpress with MaidSafe.

gave the quill a workover:

what do you think?