"maiodsafe" ETH giveaway, Twitter scam?

What the heck is this?

ETH giveaway?
The handle is maiodsafe [sic!] that doesn’t seem right?

Classic scam setup (send us some and get more).

Or have I missed something?

SCAM and not associated with MaidSafe!

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Yeah I was more or less 100% certain, but I never use Twitter, so I don’t know just how severe these things are. Maybe it is everyday stuff?
Should be reportable to Twitter though so it can be removed?

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I have reported it thanks!


wonder why people actually care for wrong handles or for other stuff but the original sources of information.

Yeah - I’m an intermittent Twitter* user myself (or I was until I went crazy on it on Monday) but have observed that it seems to occassionally become prone to being exploited by some enterprising individual(s) keen to seperate good people from their hard earned cash.

We’ll report this particular example.

Thanks for highlighting,

*other social media providers are available and DGeddes in no way endorses or promotes any of them (as they haven’t thrown any freebies my way).


I’ve reported quite a few of those scam tweets. Hopefully Twitter can get a grip on it!


If we owned Twitter I’m pretty sure we would remove it, because cleaning at home is nice.
Just as we remove scam stuf from this forum. But we don’t own it so we ask Twitter (justas we ask moderators here).

SAFENetwork software with Twitter-like functionality would have to include some other functionality that lets stuff like that not fly (web of relevance etc), moderators or a combination, and the FreeForAll version will exist too (no filter no mod, barebone), and all versions will get just as much users as they are found to be useful by the users.

Not a problem IMO. We have some shady forums already, but people know that it is shady and expect scam.
Problem is when scam is not expected, and easy to perform, conning less aware people.

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I’m hoping the PDC protocol can take care of that!


We have shut down (by reporting) a huge number of these accounts. Twitter act quick if we report as imposter accounts and we fill in a form, reply to a maidsfe.net email they send us and they close them fast. Sara spent an awful lot of her time at the Devcon just doint that over and over and over again. There were tons of them.


Every so often I spend a bit of time reporting spam accounts as I come across them. It’s honestly like a digital game of whack-a-mole.


Sad that such things need focus on a day like that. @nicklambert even made a comment about it during DevCon :stuck_out_tongue: :


Another glitch…pattern?