MaidSafe's Asia Trip (February 2017)


I too am interested to see the DevCon video.


The early footage I had been sent had poor audio so seeing what the event company can do about it. I’ll revert back as soon as I know more. Cheers.



Yes we still need the speeches actually. These use maidsafe the company a lot as we did the show but the speeches by us discuss SAFE. I am not sure how effective we got the SAFE name across looking at these (the after show impressions of people). I will want to see the speeches now.

There is talk of a larger roadshow soon, what would be neat is perhaps some project leads of SAFE apps to come to some of these. Just a thought but perhaps something to consider. I will look a bit further into that.


Here is an update from the event organiser regards more footage:

There has been a little hiccup on presentation video due to the fact that the video team thought they were only briefed to make event coverage not the still presentation. But we got the raw material already and soon to be reworked to make the sound better. I hope you would be kìnd enough to wait for video restructured. We did the youtube post for testing with low res one. It’s soon to be replaced with high res, only for event coverage
I apologize for the inconveniences Nick, we’re doing the best we can right now. Thank you for your patience :).

So, just as soon as I have the presentations/more footage with cleaned up audio I’ll share them with you all.


The subs for that last Indonesian speaker though… :joy_cat:


I’ll always help with anything you want me to! Just let me know and I’ll help with anything you need!


I don’t think it really matters at this point, to me Maidsafe and the SAFE Network are still one and the same.

The Network will mature and leave home in good time.


I would venture anywhere for this project. I try to go to as many events as I can around here to get the word out, and outreach has always been a huge focus of SAFE-FS.

Watched the videos, great job everyone! And the article was right: countries like these with high mobile penetration and a largely unbanked population will be hotbeds for SAFE and these are perfect opportunities to jump on and foster!


The video is so funny :slight_smile: Compare that to those pretentious stick-up-their-ass business dudes from other crypto projects haha! The large group picture looks comfy!:baby:


Should there not have been some new faces here after the conference? Am I the only one to find it strange?


Possibly, 83 users in the last 30 days so maybe some lurkers, not really sure how those numbers compare to normal months. MaidSafe Asia are working to set up some local language forums and are communicated as much to the attendees so they are possibly waiting for the Indonesian version.


Are we still waiting for the video(s)? Or did I miss something?


We are, but hopefully not for too much longer. Our initial focus is to get @Krishna_Kumar’s talk, far more interesting than anyone else’s, and much more useful too. I received a low res version today and they have done an excellent job cleaning up the shaky sound. I’ve been promised a high res version tomorrow, at which point I’ll put it on YouTube and post a link on the forum when I’m done.


At long last here’s Krishna’s presentation: Sound still isn’t great, but way better than it was. We’ll make sure we co-ordinate with our partners in future to ensure we get better quality. I believe a sub titled version is on the way and will post when available. Enjoy!


Well done @Krishna_Kumar you are a natural on stage!


He made lots of hearts beat faster, I’m sure :grin:


Looks like the new faces can be found right here


… or hopefully will be soon, once there are some! I hope the new forum gets some interest from people who were at the conference.


Liking their app competition!