MaidSafe's Asia Trip (February 2017)


Did anyone have contact with Bitcoin.Co.Id? A nice exchange which does not yet list Maidsafe. I’ve used the exchange for years. Home broadband is not yet fully developed here (understatement) but just about everyone has a smartphone and a data packet of 12 Gb for 30 days can be had for $6. People here are resourceful and inventive. If there’s a way to get around something, they’ll find it. They are always interested in finding new ways to earn. Although there are some very rich people here, many of them of Chinese descent, most people get by on little. Of course, 250 million times little is a lot so I would say Indonesia is a sleeping giant. When FinTech offers something of everyday use and “tidak mahal”, people here will quickly adopt it. However, IMO there is little interest in privacy or security. Just by way of perspective, some banks here charge an “admin” fee for personal accounts of about Rupiah 15,000 ($1.00) and this is considered to be very expensive for most people. On the plus side for banks here, I have never heard of anyone having their account closed without warning just because they have Bitcoin type transactions. :grinning:


Having done sound for some time at a small conference center, I must say you would’ve been my nemesis :joy_cat:

I kept searching for the link but then I noticed you watched it in person :joy_cat: I hope we’ll get to see the vids soon!!


Amazing!! Like others have mentioned, this is great news and caught me by surprise as well. I am hoping once the network is stable, we have an abundance of new developers creating new sites and apps. Awesome job @maidsafe team.


Big +1 to that!

All very exciting stuff!


Wow super cool to see so many people going to this rock concert. This is exactly what we need.



Thats great! Pls do have one in KL,Malaysia soon



Is that the Jin Mao Tower @nicklambert ?


That image kind of makes me want to drop to the floor so I can crawl to this nearest wall where I’ll weep dizzily until someone drags me to a lower altitude.

Heights are not my friend.


Ha ha - same here! If it’s where I think it is I looked down from the top and all the blood ran from my head. Even through there was a thick glass barrier I couldn’t go near it.


It is @JPL! The view reminds me of one of the huge drops you see on something like the Death Star, although that could be the jet lag talking.


A photo of you all on the Skywalk will be priceless!!


Me also, I am on the 79th floor and i’s a weird feeling for sure. Looking down onto syscraper roofs is interesting. At least still get wifi though :slight_smile: so all is well, the work goes on.


sorry - couldn’t help it. was too tempting :slight_smile:


I’ve just added a blog post about the dev conference giving a little more info and some more images. Still chasing down what marketing collateral (videos, images…etc…) will be made available to us and will revert back shortly.


Awesome stuff and very cool! I’m very excited to see Maidsafe Team making the trip and focusing in this region. I’ve discovered this project for only one year but have been following it everyday since and suddenly it so close to home and everything seems very real! I do believe that in time Safe Network will make a huge impact to all 650 millions of south east asians and I’m looking forward to catch a video of the CNN interview soon! :-)


Is this trip recorded somewere ? So we can view it aswell.


Not the whole trip, but the devcon for sure is.



Sorry but i cant find the devcon video, not posted yet or do i really need a pair of glasses?

*Just read Nick hes post its underway, thx!. looking foreward to see it.