MaidSafe's Asia Trip (February 2017)

All information related to the Asia trip as announced in the dev update.


Great to hear! This from the latest Ark-invest newsletter:

Fintech Is Booming In Indonesia

With a population of 257 million, the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia also is one of the highest unbanked countries in APAC[1]. Almost two-thirds (63.7%) of adults over the age of 25 remain unbanked.[2] Consequently, given its increased smartphone penetration, we believe Indonesia is in a sweet spot for fintech innovation.

In 2015 Indonesia attracted more than 103 fintech deals, representing 50%[3] growth on a year over year basis. Ranging from mobile to gateways, payments attracted the most capital, accounting for 43%[4] of the new startups. As shown below, Indonesia is following the lead of India, Japan, and Singapore, all of which have experienced a burst of fintech innovation in the last few years.


waaw nice entrance !!!

its happening


Yea, just watched first part of Krishna’s presentation. Absolutely amazing to see the audience so focused. Looks like 200-250 devs including companies students and quite a lot of female devs as well, which is unusual and great to see.

We are pretty impressed with the start of the maidsafe asia relationship happening now. Well worth the trip, but still more to do, Shanghai now :slight_smile: But Penang and Jakarta have been really good. Looks like Indonesia will be a great place to start and focus on, get it right and then hit many Asian countries in quick succession. Hard hard work as usual, but looks like this is a nice solid approach, typical of our way of working. Feels good to go to countries like this and show them we are all equal now and anyone from anywhere can compete when infrastructure is taken care of.

Of course, we have the testnets, data republish and more to also worry about :wink: One day far far away we will get bored, but certainly not now. Ok gotta run again sorry for brevity.


Why is the old logo used? Or is the triangle gonna be used for the company and the dot pattern for the Safe Network?


Triangle for company, dot for network and S for safecoin.


Translate worked quite well for me…
Richard Irvine :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, just brilliant @dirvine. My regards to the team - I won’t distract everyone by mentioning each of you but I’d like to say this is amazing news. And out of the blue for me. You all kept this conference very quiet over here which adds to the impact.

I hope we’ll be able to read about what happened in each place you’ve visited on the MaidSafe blog. I had no idea Indonesia was such a good fit and fourth largest population in the world. I have a lot to learn, but this looks like a really strong move. Fantastic :slight_smile:


Good suggestion @happybeing, I’ll summarise the event over the next few days and add as a blog post. I was personally blown away by the scale of the event and how keen all the developers were to get stuck in. Having a plan for a built in revenue stream in safecoin, in addition to being able to provide a costless infrastructure is pretty appealing for many.

Our local partners and event organisers did an amazing job, I have attached another image to show the set up before the event started. The conference was also recorded, so as soon as we have the edited footage I will add to our YoutTube channel and cross post here as well.


Anyone else notice the drum set?? Good thing I wasn’t there :joy: I wouldn’t be able to contain myself


That is some setup there! Impressive!


Supercool! Looking forward to the videos!


Yip there was a band, I had my eye on the strat, wild thing could have got a (poor) showing :slight_smile:


According to Alexander Alexandrop (CEO, in line with the development of ICT, Cryptocurrency trends have also been growing rapidly, and became the official currency in the financial industry fintech technology, as well as being the most promising investment at the time.

“Therefore, the presence of Mainsafe not just introducing a breakthrough technology alone, but also offer Cryptocurrency investment potential,” explained Alexander.

Nick Lambert (COO Maidsafe) adding, in the next 18 months will add features Maidsafe network, and establish the concept of storage applications and the real message, and will promote the development of exchanges SafeCoin.

"This company will derive its main revenue from maintenance costs in the currency SafeCoin, which will be exchanged for the currency of Fiat. Revenues derived automatically from the network users and financial success, is determined by the number of users and network usage, "said Nick.


Should have said, MaidSafe Asia gave all of the attendees a few safecoin, so there should be several hundred more safecoin wallets via coinpayments now. Not a rich country, but that makes it all so much more pleasurable. I think we will see some developer uptake and SAFE is spreading to where it should now.


Its all so vague, so CCP Centennial Coin of Prosperity based in Macau (Hong Kong) and CPS Coin Payments together make up Maidsafe Asia?

No MaidSafe Asia is a separate company but partners with other companies to promote SAFE. We work with MaidSafe Asia to promote SAFE, coinPayments are a payment processor with some exciting offerings and big supporter of maidsafecoin. CCP are a new company that has an offering that involves safecoin as an asset they back.

So MaidSafe Asia is the contact there for us I am not so familiar with CCP but understand coinpayments more. All in all they are all using maidsafecoin and will be using safecoin. The key though is maidsafe asia and getting around Asia with developer conferences and establishing developer pods. I am sure there will be many more companies involved along the way. Asia is fast and moves very quickly. For us the key is the tech of SAFE and developer engagement so we take the opportunity to discuss that where we can.

Meeting CNN Asia in a couple of hours to promote it even more. I think the videos will be on line pretty soon so you will see the whole picture from them. It’s SAFE all the way here :slight_smile:


Greatly appreciate the clarification, I could barely stand anymore google translate :laughing:

:sunglasses: missed that bit the first time… sweet!


Be sure to post the press release!!! I can’t wait to watch all that is available, including presentation.