Maidsafecoin's trading volume exceeds litecoin's

MaidSafeCoin’s Trading Volume Exceeds Litecoin’s on Steady Price Rise :wink: :


Even though they don’t explicitly say that Safecoin isn’t based on a blockchain, without knowing, it’d be certainly hard to infer it.


Volume has increased with good reason but I wonder that MAID appears only usefully available through Poloniex… who’s heard of Bittrex?..

I don’t know, what the intention is after Safecoins become within the SAFE network but would hope to see more exchanges enabled. Need to make new user adoption as easy as possible… buying BTC to get MAID, perhaps is an unnecessary hurdle??


I use Bittrex :relaxed: They are both good exchanges. Right now Bittrex is the best place to trade SAFEx Coin (SEC). @dallyshalla has explained how exchanges will deal with SafeCoin once its live. I believe its just a matter of the exchange running a MaidSafe client app that connects their SafeCoin wallet to the exchanges API.

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Not much volume on Bittrex for MAID according to Coinmarketcap


I been saying this for ages.

It’s a pain in the ass.

But also, when I tell my buddies about SAFE in the future… ‘hey man you know you can store all your >whatever< on SAFE and free up almost all your space on your machine’ the first thing they will ask is how and specifically how to pay for it. This is where I feel a lot of potential new customers will be lost, heck some might even call it a scam just because they don’t get it. SAFE coins need to be easy to get, like super easy.

I think we will need to work with a number of exchanges post safecoin so that users have a good combination of choice in terms of jurisdictions and usability, and it would generally be good for the ecosystem to have no one entity or application looking after trading. In addition to the good work that Daniel is doing at SafeX we will identify existing exchanges and look to bring them over to the SAFE Network and/or build bridges between SAFE and the existing net.


It would be a great feat to get listed with if possible; The ability to purchase alt coins using existing fiat is a feature in demand it seems. If there was enough time to pursue partnering with Kraken something worth doing. I’m sure to have dropped a line before and then again to explore the possibility. EUR/MAID USD/MAID that begins to breach the hurdle of needing bitcoins in advance.