MaidSafeCoin web based wallet

I want a web based MaidSafeCoin wallet but i don’t know where to start. What do i need to make one and where can i find this information?

I hope someone can help me out.

Are you looking to create your own or use an existing one?

Any bitcoin wallet that you have the private key for can store MAID. Omniwallet is the most common online wallet for MAID. (Coinbase, etc that do not share private keys will just keep any MAID sent to them, I made that mistake early on.)

As for your own, sites like can generate a paper wallet, but if you are coding one from scratch, that’s way past my pay grade…


I am looking to create one of my own.

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Are you aware that MaidSafecoin is a temporary token, that will be replaced by Safecoin when the network is ready?

Yes i am aware of almost everything regarding the MaidSafeCoin. The only thing left is how to make a web based wallet for this coin. Which i want to use over the course of time.


I would say you need to start looking at the Launcher API and the tutorials shared in recent dev updates. I think that whatever form safecoins have will be handled thru the API as well, so you should get acquainted with it.

Having written a couple of (unreleased) bitcoin wallets myself, and contributed to others, I strongly advise against this course of action.

However, to answer the question, you need at the very least:

  • a javascript bitcoin library for managing addresses / balances / transactions etc. I suggest bitcoinjs-lib
  • mastercoin blockchain integration, perhaps using omniexplorer api

Again, I must emphasize, I do not agree with anyone developing a maidsafecoin wallet at this point in time.

edit: just realized you’re brand new here @Top-Notch. Welcome! I’m really glad you’ve joined the community and look forward to your contributions :slight_smile:


I am not yet looking into anything from the SAFE network. My concerns lie still with the MaidSafeCoin which is somehow handled by the Omni protocol, formerly Mastercoin. I need to know how these pre-sale coins are handled by this protocol, how to distinguish them from bitcoin addresses, how they can be send and what not more needed in order to create a wallet for it.

I hope its more clear now that i am yet only concerned with the pre-sale coin (MaidSafeCoin) and not the SAFEcoin.


Ohh…I’m sorry…in that case you will need to study the omni protocol as you said.

With over $12 B marketcap in digital assets, it’s important to have wallets on the SAFE Network. Wallets are a starting point to draw crowds to the SAFE Network. Although people might not realize it, but your demo app is also a wallet.

In the scenario above I use my publickey as the text files name and my privatekey is saved within the text. Unfortunately it’s receive only in this case, but still a wallet in a sense. If the demo app had image previews you could also have your publickey as QRcode. :stuck_out_tongue: If we focus on SAFEcoin only wallets we’re missing the opportunity to get as much people onto the SAFE Network. (with that said I have plans for a wallet).

Maidsafecoins are bitcoins with a tattoo saying Maidsafecoin and they can only be read by the Omni teams wallets/explorers. This of course is my clueless consumer opinion, but think of it as this:

Sorry I can’t answer these way to technical for me

@mav and others would you work on a digital assets wallet if there is a bounty to develop it?

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Probably not. My question is ‘why develop it’?

Perhaps I’m in a bit of a blind-spot, certainly am open to being convinced by other perspectives.

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Because the environments that our digital assets are stored right now are super vulnerable (servers/desktops), assuming that the SAFE Network is safer, it’s the best place to keep our assets. Malware can get on the SAFE Network, but it can’t execute. Please don’t underestimate the super powers of the SAFE Network, because these wallets could also offer application revenue to their users. Wallets are the new bank accounts, exchanges are the translators of value and the SAFE Network is the future for people their data.

Crazy idea: Create a wallet on the SAFE Network, with a integration. This will enable people to do their business on the SAFE Network without leaving their save environment.

Not that my views are any better, but I’m just looking at a snapshot of our collective value at the moment :stuck_out_tongue: We want a percentage of these assets to live on the SAFE Network. If we make that happen it means that the SAFE Network is also growing.

It’s a numbers game :stuck_out_tongue: there are more altcoin users than SAFEcoins users at the moment, so that’s why your starting point for a wallet should be with altcoins. It can’t hurt to experiment…


What do you mean by that? The founders of MaidSafecoin will start a new project called Safecoin? And because of that it is not a good idea to invest to MaidSafecoin?

No MAIDSAFEcoin becomes SAFEcoin. They are not separate projects.

When SAFEcoin is implemented then MAID will be transferred over to SAFEcoin with a one to one conversion and MAID will be terminated.


MAIDSAFE coin is merely a token that will get you a SAFEcoin when the network is fully launched. The tokens represent about 10% of the total SAFEcoin potential – but the total amount of SAFEcoin in existence at any one point will vary as the network will allocate SAFEcoin to farmers (those providing resource to the network) and destroy SAFEcoin as they are used by people to purchase resource on the network. That’s the theory as I understand it anyway.