MaidSafeCoin Wallet Proposal

B&C Exchange 4.0
Can we use the wallet?

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What this is about, why it’s posted here under ‘safecoin’ and why it’s titled as it is are opaque to me.

Could you clarify?

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I know little english

As Safecoin will only exist on the Safe network, the Nu community (who operate B&C exchange) will need to add Safecoin functionality to B&C if they’d like to offer it, so may be worth asking them in a few months when Safecoin is finalised.

I’d like integration between Nu and the Safe network, and if there were a way of holding Nu currencies on the Safe network, it’d be great for having stable value storage on the Safe network.


Sorry for the dummy questions. New here. Watched some videos about SafeNetwork and read a bit of stuff real quick. How to do you see stablecoins being integrated into the scheme here? Could you expand on that a bit?

<-- Also from Nu

Does MAID have multisig? B&C is basically just a signer network coupled with blockchain voting and signaling. If we can provide anonymous but trusted signers would we be able to move around MAID on its own network?


I don’t know how it could be done technically, but Ideally Nu currencies could be used within Safenet by having a trusted escrow / vending machine which operates on both the Nu blockchain & the Safe network (e.g. B&C exchange + Safex working together).

If 1 NuBit were sent to the escrow on the Nu blockchain (or burned), 1 NuBit would be created on the safe network under the control of the depositor, and vice versa.

NuBits on the Safe network may be a coin that uses a structured data method like described in this thread: Custom digital tokens

It would be great to have the stable store of value aspect of Nu currencies on the Safe network, and as Safe may become used by lots of non-crypto people, it may also significantly increase the market for Nu currencies.

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Yeah there’s a whole lot of advantages to using a stable value coin for accounting purposes.

I had just mentioned to a colleague that B&C reputed signers might even want to do “farming” on their trade boxes to make use of extra space. Then they could automate the process of putting up the safecoin they earn as sell orders on B&C. Which would help them earn even more income from their trade box and increase liquidity for safecoin on the exchange. It would be beneficial for both projects.

Since reputed signers will be running multiple clients on their trade boxes they can utilize any functionality between the clients to perform various services.


That’s an excellent suggestion about signers being an in-between for Nu and Safe. It’ll be interesting to see what potential signers think about the suggestion. Worth discussing while both projects are pre-launch.

If people getting introduced to the Safe network could simply hold their safecoin earnings & pay for everything effectively in dollars, euros, yuan or whatever, it’d make things easier than having to hold value in volatile currencies. Safe users shouldn’t need to become crypto-currency enthusiasts, and Nu could provide this.

Combined with the additional revenue for B&C signers & potential increased market for Nu currencies, this could be a very beneficial relationship.

It may also be worth thinking about what blockchain based services signers could offer Safe users. They could be a pioneering mechanism for interfacing between the safe network and blockchains on the internet.

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Well we’ll probably start testing the trading engine pretty soon. I’m always thinking of these different usages while testing so maybe some other ideas will come up. If there were services/apps that required burning NuBits to confirm some value was exhausted it would really help out the Nu project, and give users a clear idea of the costs for the apps/services they’re using. So i’m interested to hear more ideas on how that could be implemented.