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This is a very good point. By design, we don’t know who owns what Safecoin or indeed what data.

While you could attempt to fork the network, there are limits of what can usefully be achieved by doing it. Unless you manage to convince everyone to completely abandon the old network and everything on it.

Tbh, if safe net got to the point where the above was required, it would probably be better to just create a new network and try to persuade people to use it instead. It would save the splits and acrimony.


Even if the hard fork back to the genesis block you’ll still be in the ethereum blockchain and even if this fork create two different blockchain both share the same beginning.

That is not possible in the safe network. Ethereum will need a completely new beginning, a clone, to mimic the behaviour of the safe network.


Now we are just splitting hairs.

Safe network is constantly at the genesis block because there exists no other state. At least before the possibly upcoming data chains.


I find it funny when know it alls try to think of safe in terms of block chain. Lmao


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Keep the discussion on-topic please, and try to avoid these little flame wars between members. It’s not adding value to the discussion.


Yup. Okiedoke. The contribution I would like to make is that there is absolutely no “genesis” block and trying to understand safe through block chain technology will never get you in the right lens of understanding safenetwork.

The assumption that the safe network can be relaunched and reassign coins to proper order comes from an incomplete understanding of the senario of which that mechanism comes into play.

That mechanism that is being refered to only comes into play during a complete total and massive loss of network nodes and it’s not a relaunch or reassignment of coins at all. Not even in the slightest. It’s not a “rollback” or a “transaction” reversal of any kind.

And for me it’s feels intentionally deceptive to be aware of this mechanism and to attempt to frame it in the context of this discussion in such a twisted way. that’s why I mocked you. If you did not understand the mechanism then I sincerely apologize and would invite you to revisit the mechanism you were referring to.


I honestly think a lot of crypto investors don’t understand market caps. People too-often seem to just buy whatever is hot/rising, without considering market cap. Not sure how else you explain the market cap of MAID, FCT, XCP, etc—esp when considering the seriously bloated market caps of certain other coins whose value prop is waaaay less. But what’s that saying? … Time will tell. :smirk:


FCT and MAID could be some of the best investments of 2016. FCT is doing crazy things…I think MM will start to pick this up in the next week or so.


Can Maidsafecoin at least reach 11,5k — 12k sats on/after 24th?


I think this will be the place we will be until the MVP launch. I really hope everything goes well for the launch. Good luck team!


Should be interesting to see if there’s any buyers in China when it gets listed there at the end of the week.


I think china is hungry for maidsafe. I’ve seen coins get a 2000-3000% increase when listed.


I think factom was + ~3000% The main difference here would be the additional 19 million coins that are being added to the curculation, Although considering there’s already 400mil in circulation already, I don’t think these extra coins will make that much of a difference. Personally I’m betting on a ~1500% increase, which would be nice for my investment purposes, but it should also put the limlight on the project itself, which also a bonus.


Here’s my line of thinking we may see maidsafe go up 100-3,000% and if China delivers we’ll see another huge boost as the market in America and Europe respond to the Chinese buyin with another huge boost.

Here’s how I figure: right now the maidsafe price is being held down by a team who has been shorting the market if your not aware of this let me know and I’ll show you how I exposed MarcelV and his team who have been using an unsecure (they thought it was private) slack to cordinate their shorts.

China will buy in and the US and Europe will wake up to what the maidsafe project is and how far it has come will chase the Chinese up and down the order book.

The price will go up and development will go faster as MAIDSAFE is better able to fund itself and at that point I will sell.


I didnt know about the team that were shorting it tbh, But I did notice that everytime there’s been a developer update and the price has risen, It’s always been driven straight back down again. The first time I noticed this was around about the time that the first test nets were released. This makes a lot of sense now.

Iv heard a lot of speculation for MAID over the past weeks, and there seems to be a lot of people who belive that each coin will eventually be worth hundreds. I was planning on just holding what Iv got tbh, Havnt even thought about when I plan on selling.


When is it getting listed on Chinese market? Also isn’t it on just one of the Chinese exchanges?




These big increases of other coins in the past when listed on the Chinese market, how long did it take after listing? A day, a week, months?


It depends factor took a single day to hit 3000% but then went up another couple hundred percent the following months.

VPNcoin took 3 months to go up 750%

@Narain_prakash it’s not just any exchange it’s an exchange that allows direct trading to fiat (outside of a btcpeg) and it’s one of the oldest and largest.

It also allows 60% collateral on pop fiat loans from 15 days to a year with user specified interest without identification which is completely unheard of and absolutely awesoe!