MAIDsafecoin, Price and Trading topic (Closed)


or one massive company in CHINA?


I feel that the torrenting community will be the networks early adopters. Especially with torrenting being made more and more difficult by governments around the world. Also it would make a lot of sense as maidsafe is probably more of an adaption of bittorrent than it is bitcoin.


When did MAID hit its ATH?

Yes MAID + Torrent would be my dream come true.


How many MAID are in circulation? I understand there are 400M + Coins but how many are in circulation?

Will more be released once the network launches?


Not sure anyone can answer that with any accuracy, but to give you an idea, have a look at poloniex addresses (hot & cold storage)


Cold 113,500,000
Hot    7,426,487

So at least 120 million in Poloniex for trading


I expect MAID to become a major player in the crypto space. Dark horse.


words :slight_smile:


Please don’t trade on my speculation I don’t day trade nor have any idea I’m just trying to feel out market events.

I am seriously sad about the DAO getting hacked.

But since it has occurred and (please correct me if I’m wrong) but the only real solution is to hard fork the ethereum network.

MAIDSAFE is going to skyrocket and we won’t even need china.

A DAO like innovation on the MAIDSAFE network can be easily impliemeted even haphazardly and would have significantly less risk.

DAO has been impacted and there is blood running in the streets. As Rothschild famously said “the time to buy is when blood is running in the streets”.

It seems like dao investors are not looking for re-entry in the market. It seems like they’re trying to short MAID to find a convenient entry into the market.

Ether investors are fleeing ship at least temporarily. Especially in the light of the whole “hard fork” talk.


Rightly or wrongly, I just dumped all my DAO because I remember what happened when Vericoin were hacked and had no choice but to roll back the chain with a fork. The price tanked because such a move was seen as against everything crypto should stand for. Seems to me that the Dao problem is a Dao problem and Etherium may suffer if they roll back. But big money at play here so not altogether the same as Vericoin. Can’t see how any large enterprise with concerns for security would even consider the Dao or anything like it for some time. Anyway, I’m out.There certainly are some powerful players in Maid and I hope they don’t turn against the project. I used my Dao proceeds,sad as they are, to buy more Maid. :slight_smile: Shows the wisdom in Maidsafe approach…test,test and don’t release half baked. :sunglasses:


There’s no chance the MAID developers will be cutting any corners, Especially after today. I lost a small amount in DAO and Eth, but fortunatly I,m mostly invested in MAID, and one of the main reasons for that is the faith that I have in this project.


Correct me if I’m wrong but once the SAFE network is live and Safecoin is implemented, there will be no way to roll back or hard fork the network to retrieve lost or stolen coins/data.


We will be playing with big boy rules at that point :wink:


Yes, but the maidsafecoin will only be exchangeable with Safecoin when there is an official way to do it. There could be a test Safecoin on a test safe net, just as there are test bitcoins on the test Bitcoin blockchain.

I suspect people will wait for the official Safecoin before instead of trading the test versions.



Maidsafe can be re-launched with all safecoin unassigned, and then assign them to the previous owners according to some magical procedure.

This kills maidsafe.


Maidsafe only have the ability to suggest you join a new network. They cannot force any sort of relaunch unless people are willing to go along with it.


Exactly like the situation with DAO



Everybody have the possibility to suggest you to join a new network but you not only change the safecoin but all the data. In fact you will no longer be on the original safe network but in other network.

In the ethereum case you’ll still be on the same network/blockchain.



Ethereum data changes in a hard fork like that, exactly like safe network would. Neither are the same network any longer.

How do you think they would be on the same network, if the whole reason for the fork is to alter the network to make the “hack” disappear?

Even the word fork implies it is not the same network.


A key difference is that Ethereum’s immutibility is subject to consensus.

Safe’s immutibility is not; even if a consensus wanted to change some data, they have no idea of where the data is & no ability to change it.



Everything will be fine. Maidsafe’s entire development cycle will prevent the scenario from ever happening.


Also [a not nice 4-word phrase that would get me banned].