MAIDsafecoin, Price and Trading topic (Closed)


The whale is dumping and trying to keep it down. Losing strategy with something so fantastic coming up.


Oh she’s going full steam ahead at .08cents!


How will the dev access to 25 M coins effect the price?


It’s not 25 million it’s 19 million and it will hopefully barely (up or down) affect the price in terms of any used, but should increase the project value significantly :wink: 5 million will be very publically spent on direct community engagement.

The project is about to get bigger, better and more valuable to everyone in terms of actual real value, regardless of coins. It’s bigger and better than a few coins and it has to be. Cash follows value, not spin. So value it is :smile:


Down Down Down Down Down Down and maybe Down, but is necessary


this is a usual good buy sign…


35+ million coins traded yesterday. 19million sold gradually over a period of months?
Are you kidding, leonmeitor? Are you short?
The hints from the CEO could not be more overt about more good news coming. Cover your shorts and hop on for the golden ride.


man, i’m holding 30640 coins since .00019 price


I’m holding a considerable position from here. Happily invested for the duration. Not worried a bit.


You will be fine it will be back there next week.


In US$ you’ll break even way below that because of Bitcoin’s price rising. I’m in the same kind of situation, I bought at crowdsale 2014 and since then at several price points. My average buy price is ~17500 satoshis but at current Bitcoin price level I’m breaking even at 13350 satoshis already. Bitcoin rising, Maid rising, double win for the Maid holders! :slight_smile:


Price is def trying to be kept down by someone…maybe people missed out on the 7k levels :wink: …too bad. Thanks for the cheap MAID. A network like this is gold with the BREXIT around the corner. If this gets any press…people will flock to support us.


I hesitantly ask :confused: where you see correlation?


yes but I’m not really disappointed.
i supossed if Maidsafecoin’s price did not rise before the bitcoin this would happen


All I am sayin is the times we are in are key. People will flock to this network at the right time. Also when we get the right press.


i hope so x), but i will dont despair if that dont happen


Do you guys think MAID has the potential to take The DAO marketcap? I think right now it is worth more. It should be…


MAID gonna reach 1 billion market cap eventually :slight_smile:


I think thats a bit ambitious. Not sure if that can happen in the next few years maybe some day…the DAO marketcap seems more realistic…I see this taking #1 Asset on CMC…next to DGD


If big corporation gov or university start using the safe network for storing data safe coin will rise to the sky that’s why I am going long no matter what