MAIDsafecoin, Price and Trading topic (Closed)


Disagree. About two years ago it was said that the release of a usable product (which is technically more than an MVP) was within our reach. I know all the narrative that somewhat justify the dealy, but the reason for pessimism is not the use of the term MVP, but the fact that Maidsafe was repeatedly unable to deliver as announced. Not meant as criticism, just describing things as I believe they influenced the fanbase.


A PR team is needed when communicating this minefield to the broader public and that is a luxury not in the budget.


Not now, but David Irvine announced the extra budget that is allocated recently is going to be used for hiring Marketing people, if I remember well… Wait let me check that. Yes, here it is:

“5,000,000 of these coins will go directly to bounties, community projects related to launch, PR, branding, marketing and outreach programs.”

And I have to agree with @Artiscience here:

MaidSafe has in general been rather careful in their wording about deadlines and dates, however, here and there an enthousiast shout out when certain milestones looked within reach (but weren’t after all) couldn’t be avoided. I’m an IT consultant myself and I’m dealing with delays in designing, architecture inquiry, programming, development, testing, bugfixing etc. on an almost daily basis. Proper communication is key here.

Having the experience in IT, I’m not for a second bothered by delays, when they have clear and understandable reasons. With MaidSafe that is the case. I’m not for a second worried that they cannot solve the issues. They can, and they will. But again, proper communication is key. Hopefully the extra budget will help in that.

And to bring this topic back in the rails, it will benefit the price of MaidSafeCoin too. Which will further slow down the selling of the extra Maid coins that are available for the Troon Team. Which should be a win-win-win situation for everybody…


They definitely started to be more careful after the decision to port the project to RUST. However, one of the main expectations from the crowdsale was that a decentralized network was within reach. I have see objection to this argument like yours referring to complex (IT) projects and how this takes place all the time…point taken, but it really doesn´t matter. I am not complaining, I am just pointing out why people are frustrated about the project. Many have been spoofed by the expectations that the project should finish in late 2014. The fact that people are still here only shows how firmly forum users believe in (or plainly hope for) success.

Yes proper communication is key and I think the team does a good job and certainly a better job than one year ago. The problem is that the team doesn´t have enough ressources to pull off. Technically I believe it was a good choice to switch to RUST, from the point of project management it might have been the wrong choice. Time will tell as they say.


You are absolutely correct, and I apologize deeply for making an ass of myself.


I agree. It seems almost certain that Bitcoin will reach $1000 - 5000 before Maidsafe can come out with something that will push the price higher. So I would wait till Maidsafe falls to below 3000 satoshis before getting back in.


I’m glad we have this thread for the worst type of people to volley around… I think.


It’s good to be smart when making an investment or opening a long/short position. It’s not personal. I hope the project is successful. If the entire community goes broke in the meantime, what good does that do?


mate you sound so flat and samey, are you sure you even have any skin in game here ? or just buggin


Me? Yes, I’m fully invested. Maidsafe millionaire :wink: Firm believer over here. Permabull.

Sorry I’m not sorry that I’d like to open an epic long position before MAID launches to the moon.


I don’t follow you. But no need to explain, I’m off now


Don’t you understand that if MAID dips to 3k sats you can open a long position using your bag of MAID as collateral to make up for previous losses, while also making significant gains on your investment? This is all a gamble depending on the price of bitcoin, since as bitcoin surges higher it diminishes the overall value of your holdings. This has nothing to do with the integrity of the product, but all to do with the flow of the market and how you can align yourself for success.


Please don’t consider anything I say to be financial advice. I’m simply an amateur in anything financially related.

Here’s to hoping it goes down to 3-4k sats so I can buy 100,000 of them at least. Currently holding 25k and that’s not enough…feel like I’m shooting myself in the foot here. I missed out on the BTC boom and I feel this is the next big thing.

The way I’m looking at it is how many does each have to be worth to get me to 2 million USD. Right now it’s $80 each…that’s kind of a long shot imo…would feel much better if they only had to get to $10-$20 each to give me my 2 mil so I can retire in my thirties.


That’s wishful thinking! I’d be more than happy to see .50 cent per safe coin! Don’t see 10-20$ though, that train left with BTC three years ago. Won’t happen again.


Closed my latest long from 74xx at 80xx. Not satisfied with the dev update.


Satisfied with your update! Thanks for sharing!


Maidsafe coming to Yuanbao? Rumour?


No rumour :smiley:


Ignore my previous post that I would be waiting till Maidsafe falls below 3,000 satoshis. This is obviously a good time to get back in.


Wowzer, excellent news!

I remember last year when FCT went on there… it went 10x overnight. Best not to expect that kind of bump because FCT was also a tiny marketcap at the time, but still, it has the potential to get a lot of interest in the Chinese market for obvious reasons.

This could be very interesting, great news David and well done Nick!

/Edge of seat