MAIDsafecoin, Price and Trading topic (Closed)


Best trading advice ever :smile: Sell because you disagree with moderators on a forum about a certain project :+1:


I wouldn’t call this ‘trading’. Instead it is more like being inclusive vs exclusive. Becoming alienated would move interest and investment somewhere else. Maid should be viewed as a long term investment, not like a short term get rich quick scheme.


Crypto is rife with pump and dump,
Maidsafe is no different.
“invest” with caution.
The maid market on polo is bot controlled,
naivety is a profit centre.


There’s been quite a bit of quietness on updates. Usually a good sign, meaning less distractions, even if it’s only David (since most/all devs don’t read the forums; but also David probably affects them depending on what information he is relaying to them about PR or whatever). But mainly, it’s also good to just get away from it all for a little while. Test4 and alpha should be a whopper. Who knows when Safecoin will actually be utilized as part of the main equation, though. I think the dev updates will have to update everyone on the importance that new developments has for the faith of the technology. Technically the main thing people should be concerned about is Safecoin working and being proven, and building mass adoption. I don’t have doubt, though—bit torrent works just fine; no reason SAFE can’t remain stable indefinitely, and even better… thanks to 10 years of master-level understanding of such networks working to improve upon torrent concepts even further.

I appreciate the sentiment that “people are going to go with the flow, so beware.” …Too bad the flow is the easy way out—and if everyone went with it, we would be at negative a million satoshi right now. All it takes is a decision to not sell, never sell, don’t take profits, because you don’t know for sure you are going to sell at the right time. You know for sure if you hold this one coin for long enough, you will be rewarded. And if you hold on to how the market flow usually goes, you will be tempted to sell before the true height. To put it into perspective, imagine if someone who had bitcoins from 2009 (a lot of them) kept holding to this very day, and only sold in very small amounts. The floor is going to be $800 for Bitcoin soon, I think anyway. That’s a pretty strong floor for having held since 2009. Pretty neat.


Well, no one is naïve here. In many ways yes it is different from other project in the crypto sphere for the past few years. Easily comparable with ethereum in terms of impact it could have if working as expected. SAFEnet is not about money, but still investors shouldn’t be worry. Except if another similar project takes the lead before, which can happen, maybe, I don’t know ! Nobody knows, trading is always gambling in the end


BTC rising the tide on all coins except our MAID. I’m a homer for sure, but this stinks. Doris Day? More like AC/DC Highway to Hell. Not complaining… matter of fact, I never complain. I’m a big boy who takes responsibility, but this looks skewed when everything is in the green, but a few shitcoins… and MAID. When VanCan starts to whine like a troll, somethings not right. Oh look, Doris is pushing me off the stage now. Isn’t she wonderful?

edit: U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday is also appropriate.


Is it just me or do I find most things in VanCan’s post to not be accurate? All coins are down because of Bitcoin, not up. 2 plus 2 equals 5??? Anyway can’t wait for next update, and I’m not worried/complainin’.


go to the 7d price graph on CMC. You will see only a few in the top 50 are down. Most of them are shitcoins. Green is up/ Red is down. Equals not accurate??? Anyway can’t wait for the next update, and I’m not worried/complainin… just sayin. :expressionless:

edit: If we are slicing hairs here. I’m using the weekly chart, because that is when BTC started to take off. And out of those in the top 50 (why top 50? Because who gives a shit about the other 600 shitcoins behind it) MAID is down the most. 10 coins in the red. Half of those are only down less than a percent. MAID is supposed to be a leader, and yet Earthcoin is kicking it. Earthcoin? Is that something I should check out? All coins down because of bitcoin? Who’s spinning here?


Rising tide lifts all boats but this ain’t no boat it’s a battleship, takes a bit more water to set sail but when it does BTC will drown in our wake :wink:


The more everything goes down, the more hilariously I laugh (just look at PDC). It feels almost not right to have this level of confidence in something that will flip the lid off central waste && ultimately creep itself up to a point of reality/realization finally. This is exactly like Bitcoin 2009 (and 2013?), except people know that it’s guaranteed that believing fully in the success of the technology and the currency/commodity will reap thousands of happy techies, even the world.

Truly though, the fact that they didn’t get enough funds in 2014 is literally the only reason we all aren’t happy/ecstatic already. That news is the single most heavy-hitting thing anyone could ever hear right now in the form of official reiteration. (The rise of Bitcoin has no weight by compare.) Not because funding won’t be solved (it will, with even relative brevity likely!)—but because it’s just a Fact now across all boards: that the “objectively delayed release of SAFE” realism has reached full awareness, purely legitimately provided with adequate reason. Thus people are much more lax about selling: the masses putting the project on the back of their minds for some extra time, regardless of whether they support or oppose (or FUD) the project—letting the developer team recuperate from the endless stress that their unnecessarily underfunded souls have struggled with for the lashes of 2 full years. (But it’s OK because coding/solving is fun, right?)

That’s my take on it, anyway.


My take on this = long :slight_smile:


Didn’t you go long at 8k sats and then the martket crashed to low 7k?
“Trade active. Closed short at 780 avg and went long at 800 avg.”

Edi: If BTC goes over 800$, Maid will be in the low 7k or even lower to 6k sats range. And I still think that this is possible


You give yourself waaaaayyyyy too much credit. :slight_smile: There is NOTHING currently linking the price of Maidsafe to the success or lack-there-of of the SAFE Network, the technology, the company, the devs, David Irvine, this forum, moderators (even the bad ones). The price of Maidsafe is also not impacted by the loudmouthed teenagers with cool monikers playing Warren Buffet on Polo with their cafeteria lunchmoney, the amateur hour shortsellers, the Mayor of Troon or the second cousin to David Irvines neighbors brother.

Currently, and for the foreseeable future, the price of Maidsafe will be determined, and completely manipulated, by technology and a few well positioned earthlings. This is normal and a completely acceptable state of affairs. Traders, bots, shorters, hodlers are the DNA of financial markets and some are necessary evils. Will it always be this way? I think there will be a rapid and violent change in fortunes (think ether) for all bettors once the network is in place. Smart money will displace legitimate manipulators with the most lacking of all Maidsafe sentiment “longterm”.

Good music analogies though. :slight_smile:


I agree. There will most likely be a better opportunity to long in the upcoming weeks/months. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Maid at a low of 3-4k satoshis. The market cycles in combination with the speed of development should provide a good entry position.

If you consider that we’ve been discussing the MVP roll out since February, and now it’s June and MVP is still a work in progress, it’s safe to assume we have some time before we see major breakthroughs in development.


Dream on, bro. :smile:


Right? Really, that would be temporarily amazing. If bitcoin spikes up over $1,000, totally possible to see a sharp spike down on MAID. This is the long opportunity I’m hoping to catch.


Let’s focus less on mpv, it’s somewhat vague and unnecessary in my mind.
The clear progress seen elsewhere in tests and github etc is what matters.



The only thing that matters is to get “the MVP” out. That way normal people can become interested in this project, and not only fanbois.


It would be outrageous for a company to expect a public market to follow developmental commits in place of a packaged product as a milestone. In time, we should expect a very definite and stable product. Focusing on the development of this product is good, but it does not outweigh the importance of a user-friendly MVP.


Point is the term MVP has cast a shadow over tons of great progress. If MVP was never coined there would be more celebration and optimism about where we are now without a new sudo goal for people to get stuck on.