MAIDsafecoin, Price and Trading topic (Closed)


When Safecoin is implemented into the network yes :slight_smile: so not yet.


It’s true, good point. However what disturbs me is that maidsafe is one of the few “alt-coins” showing red today looking at
ETH is mostly traded straight against USD this days, I think. But the other coins, I’m confused to why they not drop in value against BTC.

Buy side is the weakest I’ve ever seen on poloniex, only 282BTC. At the same time sell side is more than 10 million maidsafecoins.


I have some buy orders in the green. Hope they will be picked up :slight_smile: Seems good for buyers today. Good volume.
Sells are about 480 BTC, less than double buy. That is actually high buy/hold sentiment. LTC has over 5 times buy, even ETH has considerably more than double buy.
Would like to see faces of the people that decided to sell out now. Especially after alpha release. That will be so hilarious :smiley:


You mean when Alpha release, by then the price can easly be 4k satoshi, cause lets be honest the fundamentals dont look good atm. (short term)

-Btc Rise like crazy and with the halving upcomming it might have a even faster run up.
-The team announced to release over 19 million coins on the market, coins that some (im oke with it) see as coins not theirs.
-Delayed product with no idea when to launch, testnets running but not close to beeing done.
-Now other people starting to produce Decentralized internet so Maidsafe actually is beeing pushed.

Just my opinion, so i understand people might sell now. Staying full into maidsafe is just a big gamble compared to Btc.


You succeed in FUD. Keep going!Your karma is damned!


Be realistic, BTC is pumping so people rather wanna be in BTC which is going UP compared to maidsafe which is going DOWN.


I guess you only read the trading topic on this forum. They gave Crust 100% MIO support so CPU usage got down to a level where 1 person might run 50 nodes without getting in trouble with the CPU. This is all necessary for a fast and stable MVP. The number and quality of PR’s in Crust and Routing last week is quite amazing. David said in his last interview what a pain this part of the project was, getting behind all these NAT’s and routers with the network. And now we’re close to TEST 4 which is close to the MVP and you make statements like “not close to being done”. I like to doubt that statement ;-).


You are right BTC will probably continue to rise. Even more conservative people/funds are slowly getting in on it. It’s very well known. A wise “safe” investment probably.
MAID/SAFE on the other hand is not known and compared to BTC cheap.
How long do you think those 500 BTC worth of sells on Poloniex can hold when there is a working network or even lesser good news?
Like one second at best. 500 BTC is nothing in crypto-trader world.
We might and probably will see many orders of magnitude price increases.
That is if and when the team can solve all remaining critical technical problems. They have gone trough a lot of them and are actually running out of problems to solve pretty rapidly.
No other team I examined have come so far nor is continuing so rapidly. This gives me quite a high confidence.
There might be some undercover team, but I assess a low probability of that.


Are you short? Your place in POLONIEX trollbox :grin:


I’m not but wish I was.


Okay all the other coins are red now too. All good. :slight_smile:


I wonder if the decline of Maidsafe is caused by sensorship in this forum. I just realize that the price has been declining since Culexevilman was banned. Or is it just coincidence? I can’t think of any other reason since only good news is coming from the development team.


This story about them looking for more money is far from good news. That thread is more than 500 posts so I didn’t read it all. Don’t know what conclusion.


No. There is no censorship problem, and the mods explained why that issue was dealt with how it was.

It’s obvious that sensorship isn’t an issue when loads of troll accounts are spreading FUD all over the place without being banned :smiley:


I deleted 2 replies for being off-topic and/or not in line with the guidelines. Please keep it civil here, and keep on-topic. Thank you.


Btw. It is “sensor chip” :smiley:


Bitcoin is rising and there might be many who have bought Maidsafe on margin with BTC. Now they are forced to liquidate Maidsafe and other
alt currencies to cover the margin.


SAFEnet is the most awaited project in the world. But most people just don’t know it yet !
Seriously I wouldn’t worry about the price once alpha is out. Be patient, relaaaax, we’re almost there :relaxed:


Agreed that price does not reflect value. But at present the Safenetwork is only in the test phase and its value (which is qualitative) is questionable as we don’t know yet for sure whether it will function as intended. I am an optimist and believe it will, but right now I put its value at very low or non-existent. In regards to its price (quantitative unit of measurement), it is what it is, and it is irrelevant as it doesn’t affect its value either way. People should be more concerned about value than price as the success of the project is the ultimate goal.


Uhm, I understand the need for mods to some extend, but I am concerned we are alienating potential Maidsafe investors. I myself know a couple who sold because of their disagreement with the mods in this forum. Of course, a couple won’t make much of a difference in the price of Maidsafe, but it could well be that many more have left the project for the same reason.