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maybe he is talking about some specific piece of software release. We know we are close to test4. We have been there for the last 2 o 3 weeks, ok, but after that, what? I read almost all the detailed info dev team give and , to be honest, I don´t know where we are, MVP, alpha release, beta but no safecoin no messaging no farming, more test, how many more? well… it´s actually a mistery (for me) :confused:


as rough estimation: testnet probably tomorrow :slight_smile:

and for the rest - as soon as possible and as soon as it’s ready :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oohhh yeaaah baby :joy::joy:
no choice :sweat_smile:


I predict the rout in price is just about through.


It means that the SAFE Network will be able to run much faster for everybody.

It also means it will run on many more computers out there, that may be old or slow.

Also means it will be much easier for SAFE Network to take over the internet very quickly when it’s launched and people can earn SafeCoin rewards :slight_smile:


Sure as long as you do not take my analysis as trading advice.

Disclaimer: I am not a trader. I am a long term bagholder.

So basically MAIDsafe is being developed in a piece wise fashion. Some of the most important and notable pieces are: Crust, Routing, and Safe_Vault.

I’m going to break down what these components do as simple as possible:

  • Crust is essentially what the SAFEnetwork relies on for connections.

  • Routing is what helps the network establish connections through Crust.

  • Vaults is essentially where data is held.

Loosely you can think of it conceptually like this picture of a telephone operator:

To make a long story even shorter as of this last update they have vastly improved Crust. Taking an example - Remember last testnet some users were complaining that they felt a little CPU strain because of all the (threads) “connections” made through (the blocking version of) Crust when they had connected to a large amount of nodes on the network?

Well the MAIDsafe developers were like “What are we ethereum developers? This is MAIDsafe it must be PERFECT”.

Back to reality (sorry): they took another approach to Crust and are now trialling an async version of Crust that uses wayyy less connections which in turn means way less CPU strain. IT ALSO RAN FASTER.

Hole punching is an essential part of making connections through firewalls, routers and the like.

Think about it this way - without hole punching we wouldn’t get to talk to any of our Asian brothers who sit behind the great firewall of China.

What’s going on here is essentially that hole punching works for Linux and Apple operating systems, but not Windows because of a bug in a 3rd party library. They located the bug and are working to fix it. Fixing it shouldn’t be too bad from a coder’s perspective the bug was basically the equivalent of forgetting to dot an i or cross a t.

This was the update for routing - Basically what is going on here is that because of the change to Crust which i explained earlier they have to rehook up routing to crust and play with it for a while. They also made it so that when your sharing a file you don’t have to download the complete file in order to immediately begin sharing the pieces you already have which is awesome.

I could go on and on, but I think this should help you get the picture. :slight_smile:


Great explanation in plain language. Thanks:grinning:


Who cares? In what way could that change reality?

As for how the developers decided about the release of the coins: some sh*t just has to be done, and better do it the upright way even if half the world thinks you’re an idiot. Right decisions can be very unpopular; so what.

I think people are confused (SOP in the crypto-world, so no surprise there.)

If you want to make profit on Polo (etc), figure out some strategy and start trading; buy and hold will not cut it with prices crashing up and down like crazy even in the absence of any reason identifiable. Add to this that MAIDs are just a proxy for something that literally doesn’t even exist, so why all the shock? These coins are purely vehicles for speculation; that is, until the release, at which point they can start fulfilling their purpose. Then we can start talking.

How much will Safecoins be worth? I personally believe a lot, but that’s insignificant, and I don’t need to put my money on it: I can just look at the price and see where it’s going right now. That is, if I want to make money from the coins. I said it before about investing: trying to guess the future sounds utterly silly to me, so no, thank you.

Anyway, some people got hyped up, bought a bunch of coins based on a mistaken belief that reality will follow their expectations, and then the prices crashed; tough luck. What outright pathetic is that some of these great prophets of the market suddenly turned into whining kids and started blaming literally anything for their own stupidity (and who would make better marks than the developers?) Did you not see the future? Deal with it.

The twist is, I’m all for investing, just not in the coins: in the product, the developement, the idea; you have a chance to support something important. Once I have enough money to spare, I sure will. Not as an investment for financial gain (there are better ways for that), but as an investment in something I think can make the world better in a small way :smirk_cat: Also, please support digging wells in rural Africa; that’s super important, too.



Guys on Polo are laughing at MAID? The same guys who ask what does POS mean? “I’m too lazy to read, and too stupid to understand github, so what should we trade today guys”? If I want to know about video games, and reading about how much alcohol one can consume in a weekend, then the trollbox is the place. Thank you @Tim87. Really enjoyed your rant. Spot on!


tl;dr investing may not be financially prudent (you may get lucky, but pls no whining if not), but investing is important to support the project; know why you’re buying them coins lest you get disappointed


You forgot to add * drop mic *


The coins aren’t purely for speculation. The crowdsale of the MAIDsafecoins is being used to fund development. We’re not not discussing development or the future price of the non-existent Safecoin here, but rather price and trading. I think rumors definitely have more bearing on price than anything else. That may well change if/when we have something more concrete to go by, but that’s besides the point. We are analysing the current reality of the market situation.


Intent v.s. practice. You do your best so that your purposes could be fulfilled but you’re out of control after launch because the market takes over; your intents can’t change anything at that point.

You forgot pure chance. Somebody dumping a stash of a few million coins because they felt like playing a game. Or, because they needed the BTC for something completely unrelated, and the resulting massive price drop is just collateral damage. Or, because that was their plan all along. None of which could be predicted by the news (but they will sure be explained by them in hindsight.)

And thus we arrive at the current reality of the market situation.


cl0ck3d Wow, thanks for all of that - very helpful!) I too am a long term bagholder and devotee to the Maid.
So…reading between the lines, the analysis says: BTFD!!


Price today. :frowning:


Looks like it is market wide reaction to Bitcoin. I remmeber how this happened in 2014. After the initial shock from Bitcoin rise, huge boat-loads of Bitcoins flowed into every shitcoin alt and many, like Litecoin, went up by 13000% compared to Bitcoin’s 6000% rise. Patience. If Bitcoin wins, the biggest alts will win afterwards!


The price of Litecoin dipped down from $4 to under $2 when Bitcoin blew up in 2014. Shortly after, Litecoin went to $40+ for an extended time. MAIDSAFE is actually bringing a world changing release right around the halving this time. I see massive inflows after the Bitcoin bounce.


5 out of the 10 top coins on coinmarketcap are crypto assets based on unfinished projects. Unlike Litecoin ability to compete with Bitcoin, I doubt a crypto asset will have the same effect as Litecoin had in 2014 unless the project is accomplished. Only Safecoin can take over Bitcoin, but not Maidsafe or Ethereum.


I feel you m8. Same here :sob:


But you can swap maidsafecoin into safecoin