MAIDsafecoin, Price and Trading topic (Closed)


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Keep it cool people, just talk prices here and stay in line with the Forum Guidelines. Thank you.


Agreed without a tangible update today the price can sink much lower.
He might very well end up right to predict 0650.


MAID became the subject of ridicule as soon as news of the funding thread started spreading. Everyone and their dog is making fun of MAID on Poloniex. Things are not looking good for the price right now. I don’t think it will recover until we see another major breakthrough in development.


@Southside I get your anger, but this kind of trading is nothing to worry about. In my experience it is naive and bound to fail over time. For those who ignore it, there’s no problem because they are rewarded or not according to the long term performance of the project.

By all means use it, buy in the dips or even sell the rallies, but keep the bulk invested and you are tied to the fate of SAFEnetwork. Easy just to ignore really and no need to call them scum. I don’t like them personally, but we are all people trying to get what we want.


I don’t feel like the price dip can be attributed to the funding issues. Or at least not only. What frustrates me personally is how MVP was hinted months ago and is still somewhere there in the vague future. Or how an update was supposed to be delivered towards the end of the last week and is still absent.
All that undermines trust.


I understand and to an extent agree, but part of that is about expectations not matching what is the nature of the beast.

People tend to assume what they know from one context will apply in another, and there is much about this situation which none of us have experienced before. I’m speaking about the nature of a project that has to develop, from scratch, techniques that have had to be invented or refined to perform in ways that nobody has attempted before, and all done in an incredibly transparent manner.

Those are just the more obvious differences from the experience even of those who have worked in research & development of new technologies, let alone those who have only seen software development from the outside.


Well said, @happybeing , and this is not the first time either. Whenever you post in the thread I’m reading/posting, and that happens a lot so you must be not sleeping much I guess… :wink: … Anyway, I love to read your intelligent posts; boots on the ground, always straigthforward & with a positive-wise tone. Thanks. Keep it up. :slight_smile:


A majority of this dip in price is just the market reacting to the BTC dump from 586 to 569


I doubt that even more then people that blame the news, lets be honest.

Maid didnt look very strong after no release and it went from 30k to 13k and when the news hit the market it got even more bearish. People that say it wasnt the news obvious are not looking carefully to the market cause it dropped to 10k first day after the announcement.

I think this is a great Project and when it launch it can give great returns, but i believe we might see it drop even more lets say between 6 and 7k satoshi. (even lower if btc makes a big swing)


are you ready for the drop? turtles are coming… :grin:


Not after that update hope they don’t switch to a long position too fast.


So far no update and steal bearish, i would actually love 7k satoshi , got 20 btc ready incase, but so far im not buying at this levels


Update did come out levels reversing…



I more ment real updates, like new testnet to eventually launch of a MVP, those updates are every week i doubt people will trade based on that. Unless they show something really unique


I was already tapering off the need to tout MAID—even with my long-in-place heavy investment / involvement / decision in indefinite holding. But since I know now they’ve been working borderline needlessly hard on this project that should’ve had more funding, that personal investment to keep-in-line with the required weighty patience has just increased even more, to 4x the original amount—since they were supposed to have 4x greater the workforce they have had in the past 2 years.

How that ties in with how they’ll fund-raise, I’m not sure yet.
All I know is that nothing has really changed.

And it will only get better.


You have the usual FUD/hypea but then you have te real analytical investors who will recognize this right here as pure gold:

“We tried contrasting this async with the previous blocking version of Crust and observed that (for starters) the async version has exactly six threads per Routing node compared to almost ten times more in the non-async code. These threads directly translate to CPU load, with a greater number of threads equating to higher CPU load. The blocking Crust has the CPU screaming with 1000’s of threads in total (for 50 nodes) while the async version is very benign with almost 10x less - we only occasionally hear the fan kick in indicating CPU is relaxing :wink: . Although it would be a little hasty to mention anything about benchmarks at this early stage it is interesting to note that async ran a little over a minute faster than the blocking Crust.”


cl0ck3d For the analytically challenged, can you translate a little? Curious to understand the implications.


More real updates? I don’t think you get more and better detailed weekly updates on any cryptoproject. They go quite in depth technically and for followers of the project all details are available. No one expected an MVP today and the last testnet didn’t had any influence on price as far as I remember. Most members here on the forum are focusing on the updates for technical insides and excitement about the project. But I think many here in this topic don’t really give a thing about that to be honest. Just my 2 cents.