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If the price had remained constant since the IPO (instead of going up sharply, then dropping to IPO levels) then no-one would be stressing too much right now as no-one would be down. Fact is that the big ***** off pile of safecoin I own, is still the same % share of the network I was happy to invest at. Also the value proposition of the project since the re-write of the code base is now far greater than it was since I invested.

Finally, and the biggest thing, this project hasn’t even ***** launched yet! Everything we see right now is pure speculation. This could literally be internet 2.0, and if it is even the people who brought at the top will be able to buy the gold tracksuits they always wanted. This whole project could fall flat on its face too for any number of reasons but lets not pretend that the money put into safecoin was going to be as stable and safe as putting it into a property, land, bonds, shares, lottery tickets etc. Not only is this crypto, it’s a brand new design of alt coin, it’s risky as all shit, and if you didn’t know that when you invested then you’re an utter mong.

I still think I’ll be strutting around in a gold tracksuit at some point soon (and have my tailor on standby just in case). Might not be for a couple of years but I think the SAFE network is going to be world changing and ultimately the price of safe coin will reflect that. If not there’s always JJB Sports where I can pick up some badass leisure-ware for around the 12 quid mark, and even though I won’t be all shiny, I will still look awesome.


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Why? Maybe I bought several 100k for setting up a SAFE gambling site, who knows? In this case I’m kidding, but in fact I have been buying maid since IPO for using it on the SAFE Network, not for trading back to US$ before that. I might have to do that later anyway if I cannot buy a bread and a milk yet for Safecoins, but that’s a worry for later… So yeah, @janitor has a point, and I’m one of them. :slight_smile:


That was precisely what I was saying. Apparently, @janitor was responding to a different thread, but my point was that all of this hullaballoo over price is immaterial. The price of maidsafecoin has no effect on the dev team, and that there are a LARGE number of people who are holding the coin simply to trade it for safecoin once the network goes live. That means that the day trading price is not really determinative of the value and stability of the coin.


Amen to that. Fully agree. It’s funny to notice that my BTC is now gaining $value, and I’m even 110,- above-water with themas we speak. So I'm cool there. My maid and ether stashes have been hammered and sliced to pieces meanwhile, with only ether still above-water since they never went below IPO price so far. So, all in all, valued in US my total crypto portfolio is not moving much. The entertainment value however, now that there’s so much going on everywhere, is pretty high! :smiley:


People will start buying other cryptos as soon as they start realizing Bitcoin has moved in price too much.


Yup, agree. And I got confused too jumping back and forth in this topic and the old topic lol.


Yeah, exactly my expectations too. In time, let’s say weeks or a few months, maid (above all, if it was to me) will move up substantially because of this effect + closer to Go Live/Being Fully Alive. For me another reason to not panic-sell any one of my precious maids now. It’s a really long term game for me. I’m patient.


Indeed. The move in Maid will happen swiftly overnight and it will be massive. I expect to see a 10x increase in just a few days when it happens.


I am amazed by the stupid speculation in BTC. What the hell are people who didn’t buy 10 days ago doing buying it now?

I also think the 2nd wave might lift altcoins, but there is little method in this madness.

By the way, I’ve been waiting for someone to make a morbid joke about our esteemed forum colleague Anders, but no one has stepped up so here we go: if the drop continues with the same intensity, PUTs will become (essentially) free and Anders’ dream will come true!


It’s called FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out. I’m sure you knew that lol! I think I learned that FOMO lesson the hard way in 2013 when I entered the crypto game with bitcoin. And maybe I still made a few mistakes back in 2014, but then I left it there. Long term holders never miss out in fundamentally good projects. And I consider the SAFE Network one of them (out of a few only, let’s be honest).


yes, in 2013 it was the similar situation, ltc went up from 0.007 to 0.05 after btc went to 1200 usd


Right, so I would think that after just 2 years people still remember. Obviously not. :slight_smile:
Of course I took part in the 2013 madness as well… Lost quite a lot by buying at 600 and 400 when it was crashing.


It’s exactly that…good investors see the value in the projects…right now it’s buy buy buy time for MAID


3k sat now, 2k must be the diamond base…


I sound bearish but I think we’ll see 2k again tomorrow


Depends, BTC is going down, it hit 500 today but is back to 466 right now. It’s possible it isn’t going back to 500 during this rally.


China is at $500 and does not show signs of tiredness.

I really think 4000CNY($680) level will be tested in the following days which means sub 2k for MAID