MAIDsafecoin, Price and Trading topic (Closed)

No matter what… you always need money. Even the most profitable and well funded business search out more investment to further their industry tentacles.For MAIDSAF0E it just becomes easier to attract capital and quality investors and they can bargain from a position of strength.


Glad you all noticed that the price is rocketing. I was looking to start buying some for investment purposes… Anyone know how to get a “maid” wallet address, wallet app, or somewhere to store the coins I buy? (preferably not on line)

Thanks ahead of time…

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Seems strange that it’s so easy to buy using shapshift, but so hard to get a wallet. Just saying.

Use omniwallet.

It’s great.

You can also store them in a bitcoin paper wallet but that is more complicated. There’s other threads that cover this in better detail.

here you can see how/where you can generate a new paper wallet if you want this:

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Hopefully MAID will follow suit!

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( the gains that is…not the pump and dump!) :grin:

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Over 4400 users on Poloniex right now. The chatbox is moving so fast you almost have to be a speed reader.

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crazy stuff on poloniex, I had to put my maid onto a loan so, I could not be tempted on margin trading…

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Had a bad day margin trading today… I hope the next few days save me from closing my position at a loss. I’m kind of devastated.

Unless your trading in the thousands (dollars) and making at least 20-30% on each trade I dont see a point trading crypto personally. I’m holding my SAFE until I know what to do with them.

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If you are paying close attention to updates on each of your favorite projects and are aware of presales that have real meat behind them then it is not too difficult to predict big bumps in value in which case even someone trading on just one BTC can grow it significantly e.g. $20usd worth of BTC invested in the Ethereum presale is worth about $650usd right now.


Pffft~ not worth my time :sunglasses::grin:lol


Someones liv’n the dream :wink:

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Simples… to grow your stash, It doesn’t matter if you have $100 or $100,000. If you can find appropriate volume and volatility you can increase your stake by huge %s per day in crypto… far more than is possible in conventional financial markets.

If you bought 1 btc of EXP a few weeks ago for 3800 sats you would have been sitting on 100 btc last night… of course you would have had to sell it at 380k, which would require ‘actively trading’, so there you have it, a very good reason to trade crypto - if making money interests you anyway.

Fwiw I don’t trade maid though, maid/safecoin is an investment, the rest are speculation.



Yeah but that is just one tiny trade example in a sea of of others. The fact is 99% of the time you dont make enough to make it worthwhile in the crypto world. Most of the guys I know of that trade crypto do it as a hobby with the odd trade that brings in a few thousand… can you show me 3 or more crypto traders that earn a fulltime living trading crypto?

God yes… I could probably name 10 from the polo trollbox alone. I do it part time, but it can be very rewarding if you have a decent amount of capital to start with. With the craziness so far this year most of the people I know who trade seriously have made 3 figures BTC of at least notional gains… and it’s only feb!

I saw ‘cagara’ lose 513BTC in one night shorting eth during the explosion. There’s bundles changing hands every day.

There’s a lot of money filtering between the market caps as traders take profit from the ecosystem, more than people realise imo…

I’ve been wondering where all the new money/volume is coming from. 2015 was a slow year, but now it’s crazy out there. I’ve been doing great on reactive trades and more thought out set ups. If this keeps up it will be a great trading year for me.


513 BTC is what he had in trades, its not what he takes home each day/week/month… thats like me saying because I own X I earn X… not true.