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When is it getting listed on Chinese market? Also isn’t it on just one of the Chinese exchanges?



These big increases of other coins in the past when listed on the Chinese market, how long did it take after listing? A day, a week, months?

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It depends factor took a single day to hit 3000% but then went up another couple hundred percent the following months.

VPNcoin took 3 months to go up 750%

@Narain_prakash it’s not just any exchange it’s an exchange that allows direct trading to fiat (outside of a btcpeg) and it’s one of the oldest and largest.

It also allows 60% collateral on pop fiat loans from 15 days to a year with user specified interest without identification which is completely unheard of and absolutely awesoe!


Selling so soon? I’d have thought you (as a ‘well known’ heavy investor [well known in my perception, that is]) were going to wait much longer than that, like during 1.0 release and SafeX, etc. That’s what I plan on doing, anyway. If I need extra cash for things I can always sell a small amount on the long road ahead upwards.


And, given the particular relevance of MaidSafe to the Chinese, I would guess the possibility is high for it’s value to be more recognized in that milieu. I do not think it unreasonable to expect a dramatic price rise.


Do you mean Factom (FCT)?
I see 691% if I compare 17 december with the peak at 21 december.

I just reread what I wrote I meant that once maid safe goes live. My money won’t go anywhere till maidsafe is alive and well.

I invested my downpayment for a mortgage and my wifes been mad supportive. so I’m going to sell a portion hopefully and get her an abode complete with dream kitchen. Family is where the food is and all that! That’s my real investment yards know :slight_smile:

If maid is going as high as I think it might. Then you’d be dealing with a less stressed version of me and I would love to quit my job and be a community developer for a while :smiley:

hey man a programmer can dream can’t he? And im really excited because once our community gets enriched who knows what kind of industries folks will start that is MAID centered?

I personally would love trying to launch a project where we could use data chains to create dynamic sites. So much to come sooooooomuch

And if maid doesn’t go high I’ll still be here supporting it. I will always be working my way to a better position where I can better support honesty, transparency, and accountability. Life is just to short not to do the right thing.


I stole my percentages from a steeMIT article floating around here somewhere…

This one, I think.


Price will go up for sure, but it’s much easier to go factoral on a market cap from hundreds of thousands to a couple of million. It’s much harder to go 5x from a $30M cap - although obviously safe will do a lot more than that eventually.

The trading volume on there isn’t that great, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think maid will get a lot of action.

I’d say I’m slightly less optimistic, but would love to be wrong. I reckon 50-100% increase would be great and I’d be very pleased to see my notional balance increasing by that much. If it does more than that I’ll be extremely happy that China is into it in such a big way… if it does get traction over there it could mean big things, don’t forget that China accounts for more than 80% of the daily trading volume in BTC. If it gets a lot of liquidity and interest then bigger and better exchanges in China will also want in on the action eventually.

A lot will depend on what other marketing has been done in China imo… I’m guessing Nick has also pushed the word out to the press out there etc.

Onwards and upwards… just don’t be disappointed by 50%+ gains imo, that’s still huge from this kind of market cap.


Fuck you dude.

Just kidding! I’m happy even with 10% gains but part of the reason I’m so syched is did you read the announcement on yuanbao? It was extremely well worded! It’s exactly the way it should have been positioned. It’s not hyped but it gives them exactly the understanding they need to understand this is the real deal, and like I said we just need to break through the psychological barrier of .15 cents and it’s as good as gold.

But in fairness I think your projection is pretty spot on.


Ha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did yeah and agree completely, really good stuff… reckon Nick might have written it tbh, outsiders rarely get it that right.

I really have no idea and hope I’m too conservative, like I say for all I know Nick might have had dozens of articles going out in chinese publications etc, who knows, with China anything is possible. My guess is really uninformed. I’m just going on market caps and there’s a million other things at play that I won’t have thought of. I very much hope it does go through that 15c range and I agree that it really ought to.

Fingers crossed for a new floor that’s way way above this one! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Do yuanbao has English version, like Huobi?

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LOL. Yes. That.

I came to that conclusion. He probably explained it to them, and they all nonchalantly were like… great explanation!.. now type it into our website and make us rich.


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