MaidSafeCoin on ShapeShift


I sent the following email to Shapeshift.

“In the past, myself and others have experienced difficulties when attempting to trade for MaidSafe coins. ShapeShift has always refunded the coins involved, so no coins are out of pocket, but the delay can sometimes be inconvenient.
I notice that there is now no option displayed to trade for MAID coins.
Do you think this will be long-term, or do you expect a resolution so that we can again trade other coins for MAID soon?”

I will post when they reply.


Megan (ShapeShift)
Jun 24, 2:36 PM MDT

Hi there,

Sorry for any inconvenience, it tends to be a very finicky client to work with in and out of ShapeShift. We are working at this second on spinning Omni Assets back up on our platform. We should at the very least have them back up by the beginning of the week. Thanks for the feedback and your patience!


Has anyone checked shape shift to see if the issue has been resolved?

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Their biggest issue is “keeping these dawn nodes running”.

Ethereum ERC20 tokens make it super easy for them as exchange, because they are just tokens running on Ethereum’s node.


Thank you… I had the same question. Yesterday I bought it and today it’s not there!


MAIDSAFE has been unavailable for a while on SHAPESHIFT.
I sent them an email yesterday asking if it will be added again soon.
This was their reply:

Rich (ShapeShift)
May 28, 9:19 AM MDT


OMNI assets will return shortly, sorry for the delay…
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MAID isn’t on shapeshift, but I found it on Coinswitch

This SF meetup organizer I met runs it. Looks interesting


What about there is also Maid available…:smiley: