MaidSafeCoin on ShapeShift

Does anyone know why MaidSafeCoin is offline on

I’m guessing they have run out of coin so can’t sell it currently?

Apologies if this has been asked, I did a search and didn’t see it


A lot of coins and tokens are currently offline on shapeshift ,
maybe they are updating , maintaining or just have to refuel …

I asked that question a few days ago and had no response so I emailed Shapeshift to see if they could shed some light on the matter.
Here is their reponse:

Megan (ShapeShift)
Mar 22, 11:42 AM

Hello there,

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’ve had some internal errors with some of these networks, like Maidsafe. We are working diligently to get it back up and online. Part of the issue lies within Maidsafe’s network, so we await their assistance.

Stay tuned on Twitter to find out up to date news:

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How can it be MAIDs network partly at fault lol


Probably whatever Mastercoin implementation it’s running on top of.

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Yes, I’m not knowledgeable enough about the mechanics of the network to comment, but perhaps one of our star contributors would like to hazard a guess as to what the potential issue might be. There are currently 11 coins showing as “offline”, so it sounds to me that it is probably more than just “Maidsafe’s network”.
Shapeshift is a great tool so I hope it gets fixed soon.

I can confirm that it can’t be anything to do with MaidSafe or MaidSafe’s network. So Shapeshift’s response doesn’t instil confidence.


Great effort @Art . I wonder if a response to Megan might be in order in that she, by all accounts ( @happybeing ), is likely wrong. This is not something I would let stand as it reflects poorly on Maidsafe’s - yet to be - network. I’m wondering if she meant to say somethin more along the lines of “the network we source/connect Maidsafe” (Poloniex) or similiar . Let us know. I can assist as well if you want.

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By any means & math prob there are about a dozen different projects currently offline at their end ; however , shapeshift will likely try to fix the situation , if they are not too technically challenged .

It could be anything stupid like their server repo being corrupted or hanging at some point . It is very unlikely that each of the different coins offline experiences suddenly an implementation or functional problem only on shapeshift :ant:

At this point , we should not even judge them for anything , but they also should abstain of painting us black’n’red on their own issue . So far , Poloniex & Bittrex MAID implementations work , and probably any other than shapeshift’s . Let’s just wait patiently until the sun shines again there … I am also sure some developers will reach out and offer assistance … if they accept being helped , that is .

Thanks BIGbtc,
I sent the following response to Megan, asking for clarification.

Hi Megan,
Thank you for your reply regarding the “offline” status of coins like Maidsafe and others.
You mention that part of the problem may lie with the Maidsafe network and that you are awaiting assistance from them.
Could you be more specific as to the nature of the problem and what kind of assistance you require?
I am not a developer or directly involved with the implementation of Maidsafe, but it appears to me that it is unlikely to be a problem with “Maidsafe’s network” since Maidsafe does not yet operate on it’s own network, but rather resides on top of the Mastercoin protocol until the SAFE network launches (hopefully Very Soon).
You are probably already in touch with the people you need to be speaking with, but the Maidsafe community is very helpful and if there is anyone that you need to be connecting with to resolve this issue, we will ensure that the connection is made.
Shapeshift is a wonderful tool and we all look forward to being able to use it with Maidsafe again soon.
Thank you,


I had mentioned this to the omni developer’s chat, and they’re messaged to discuss with shapeshift to resolve the issue. Strange reply from shapeshift, nonetheless.


Just got this reply from Megan at Shapeshift.
Seems like they recognize that it is their issue now.

Megan (ShapeShift)
Mar 24, 9:40 AM

Hi Art,

My apologies for misspeaking. It’s an internal error we are working through at this time. Thanks for your patience and for being a Shape Shift user.


Yeah so in other words they were just pushing the blame onto the network to make themselves look better.

I reread my post to @Art - Just to be clear here @happybeing I noted it was likely Megan was wrong. Not you. I was referring to your comment.


Maybe “pushing the blame” because of lack of further information, or even simple misinterpretation of data. Making themselves look better: potentially inaccurate accusation, there… a rather strong one, regardless. I’m not familiar with the site’s history, so maybe you have reason to be so short? If not, then, well I don’t know… anyway I’m just bored. Glad everything is cleared up. Didn’t even know about ShapeShift until now; will keep it in mind.

Let’s not elaborate too harshly on their employees ways of framing & blaming others .
I’m quite sure they won’t do that again :bath: 'cause it leaves a bad stench , for some time

:field_hockey: We are forgiving them their little sins , right ?

It has been over two weeks since the problem first started so I sent another email to Shapeshift asking if they had an update.
I got the following reply:

Emily (ShapeShift)
Apr 3, 4:14 PM

We are working to get this back up in the next few days. We don’t have an exact timeline but do hope to have it back up, if we hit no more issues, within the next 48 hours. Thanks!

ShapeShift has added Maidsafe again to the list of coins that can be traded. Not sure what the problem was, but I’m sure the hacking incident had them preoccupied for a while and probably delayed the re-instatement.
Anyway, nice to see it as an option again.


Just wondering if anyone else has had any issue with trading ETH for MAID on ShapeShift?
I made a couple of trades that went just fine, then the next three trades never went through. ShapeShift returned the ETH, so nothing was lost (except time -which turned out to be in my favour in this case), but I ended up shipping the ETH to POLO, trading to BTC and then to MAID. If I hadn’t made the first two successful trades, I would have thought maybe it couldn’t be done, but was just wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar.
I just checked ShapeShift now, as I am writing this, and they have changed the display - when you select ETH to be traded for MAID it now shows the maximum ETH allowed for the trade = 0. Actually, in checking, they won’t allow BTC to MAID either, so there must be another issue.
Anyone else have problems trading for MAID on ShapeShift?

I tried buying some MAID via ShapeShift a few days ago, but I have no idea what really happened. Shapeshift said my order was confirmed, but the omniwallet I was using didn’t say anything. Contacted support, they said to wait for the transaction to be verified, but the txn didn’t seem to actually exist?? It was weird.

Then, they said they were looking into it. Then they refunded the BTC I had used to try buying the MAID. Still don’t really know what had happened, but I got my money back, so I just bought via Poloniex instead.