MaidSafeCoin (MAID) to be Listed on P2PB2B!

@Sotros25 I double checked this and I’m sure the date agreed for the AMA is 9am BST on 6th April (not 7th as per OP), i.e. it is tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:


How do we know this new exchange is more trustworthy than all of the other exchanges that have screwed us over in the past?


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Awesome, I’ll send out an update. Sharon let me know the scheduling might change :blush:


Perfect, skeleton staff online today because of the holidays so I’m not sure the details of it changing, just that the schedule in-house states 6th :+1:


Just asked P2PB2B about timing, and it sounds like they’re still confirming the date. Will keep an eye on this…


P2PB2B has confirmed timing for the AMA:


Hi all - apologies if this has been addressed before but I wasn’t able to find this specifically addressed…

My understanding is that the intention is that the Maidsafe coin (once it is transferred to the network and no longer on OMNI) will not be divisible and will be used to pay for the storage of data, etc on the network. If the coin appreciates in value like we all want/expect, even past the current ~$1.10 price to something like $10 - is that too large of an increment to be usable? Is there an expectation that when we burn our OMNI coins into the real network that there will be something like a 1:10 or 1:100 split in order to keep the actual utility value low? Assuming this has been discussed, please link me the thread! Thanks!

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It will be divisible. The problem with divisibility was solved long time ago.


Thanks for confirming… been out of the loop for too long!


Quick update: P2PB2B needs to run additional testing on the OMNI integration, so they plan to go live with MAID trading tomorrow.

The AMA will still occur tomorrow as well.

Tomorrow is sizing up to be a big day with the likely testnet release occurring too.


Any other US citizen having trouble with KYC? I’ve been in limbo since Friday and no response on the support ticket I put in for it.

I’m actually having trouble just getting an e-mail to activate my registration since Friday. Checked spam folder, also tried to reset password, but didn’t get that link either. Put in a ticket. Not in a hurry to buy or sell right now so being patient.

Mine account setup was instant and emails came as should. I have yet to look at KYC verify yet


We don’t. We simply need to take our chances with it. Just like everyone else.


Same here. No hiccups, but haven’t done KYC yet.

I submitted my KYC Friday. It was not auto-verified, and says it needs more time. I emailed support, they said it would be checked within 24 hours and mentioned an increase in requests (probably from all of us!)

As of writing this it still hasn’t verified, so there is definitely a bit of a delay.


I did the KYC today, it was almost instant


@Southside Thank you for your answer!

:southside: :secretariat415:

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Anyone that has some issues with P2PB2B account verification, please PM me with your registered e-mail or support ticket number. I can have someone higher up take a look at it.


Easter weekend will surely slow any checks they need to do. I know in the UK criminal checks etc are often in office hours. Was a pain for my last contract in fintec.

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